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Today, my fiancé left me waiting at the train station for two and a half hours because he offered his ex-girlfriend a lift to her friends wedding that was a few cities away. I normally wouldn't have minded, but I'm 6 months pregnant and it was pouring with rain. FML
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For those who are saying what he did was 'quite fishy', I have to agree. His excuse was, and I quote, "I only realised I had to pick you up half way through the journey, and there was no point turning back". I'm currently not speaking to him, for pretty obvious reasons, and he's now staying at his parents house. The reason I 'normally wouldn't have minded' is because if I wasn't pregnant, and if it wasn't raining, I easily could've caught the bus or walked home and sorted him out afterwards! He is also friends with his ex, and I've met her and spoken to her on quite casual terms before. And for the people who called me a 'chump' and said that I 'shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place', thank you - I'll keep it in mind for next time!

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Wow he just sounds like an inconsiderate asshole...

evan_7899 28

That's terrible, people like that are not worht your time OP


evan_7899 28

That's terrible, people like that are not worht your time OP

Your fiancé is very inconsiderate. Congratulations on the baby !(:

I'd recommend a talk with him. Don't jump to any conclusions, but set him straight

He lifted his ex onto his dick, and she rode him.

It's kind of hard not to jump to conclusions when you're stuck because your fiancé decided that his ex-girlfriend's travel was more important than you... If it was a perfect world, then her fiancé could have picked her up and then gotten the ex. Awkward? Maybe in the car. Makes sense? I'd hope so.

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thats true. if she werent pregnant, id say to dump his ass. but hopefully everything blows over. congrats on your pregnancy.

Yeah and I'm thinking as if she "normally wouldn't have minded"? pregnant or not that's still a pretty dick move.

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You mean EX fiancé right? Pregnant or not- that guy is a dick. Just remember if you're having a boy- he will learn his manners and the way he treats women from his main "father" figure but you can still choose who that is- if you're having a girl then she will choose a guy based on how her father figure treats you- so find a guy that will treat you the way you would want your daughter to be treated or how you would want your son to treat another mans daughter. Just a thought. Raising a baby alone is easier then raising a baby with an inconsiderate ass. ;) good luck and congrats on the baby.

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OP this to me is a HUGE red flag. The man is still in love with his ex. He chose her over you in this instance. GET OUT NOW.

Wow he just sounds like an inconsiderate asshole...

He obviously wasn't using his head on this one. But "pouring with rain"? As opposed to pouring with gasoline?

It happens... How do you think Adele set fire to the rain?

"Pouring with rain" is an expression. I have heard it before. Probable it originated from the department of redundancy department.

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60- I'm from the US, but I understood what OP was saying. 36 was just being a smartass.

@36. Pouring with rain as apposed to: snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, or possibly some other form of precipitation

I'm from New Zealand and it's pretty common here too.

Actually... I'd be heart broken if someone did that to me. I hope she leaves him. It would've been easy to pick OP up and then his ex.

Well we know one thing.. he needs to get his priorities straight. I'm usually not one to jump on the bandwagon of saying "leave him! leave him!," but in this case, I would have to say she should. Honestly, who in their right mind would choose their ex over their soon to be wife? OP seems a little off for even saying she would normally be fine with that. I know if that was me, I would feel a little uneasy about it..

She's obviously secure in the relationship.

He obviously had some sex with his ex, because OP probably wasn't giving him any.

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they obviously had sex once...

Sure, sure, #70. A lack of sex in a relationship obviously warrants and justifies cheating. Whatever you say, buddy.

Wow, now that's inconsiderate. You should talk to him about that OP, and if he doesn't improve quickly kick his sorry ass

He was just trying to help a friend! Maybe he didnt know his wife was waiting for him in the rain! I'm sure he didn't mean to do that. But it was a very good thing for him to do for his x

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Easier said than done due to the fact she is very likely carrying his child.

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35- I'm pretty damn sure OPs fiancé knew she was waiting in the rain. It's not like she said " I'm just gonna stand here and hope he drives by and sees me!" They obviously set a time to pick OP up, and he was being a dick and thought his ex was more important than his pregnant fiancée.

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That's horrible!! What the hell is wrong with him?

exactly. OP needs to make it clear that she will be the only woman who will get his priority, otherwise he'll just continue walking all over her.

I wouldn't define 'not doing something for her' as 'walking all over her'... That being said, why is OP normally ok with this?

It sounds like OP normally lets him get away with far too much. He probably thought she'd be fine with it, if she is 'usually' fine with such things. OP probably hasn't even spoken to him about it and just bitched about it on here instead. It really wouldn't surprise me if he was cheating on you OP, you need to have a serious talk with him.

76, cheating on her? I feel like that is a bit of a stretch. Some people are just friends with their exes and OP doesn't seem very concerned about that part.

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Not much of a stretch when he prioritized his ex over his preggers soon-to-be wife.

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That could've ended up being worse what if they had ran away together u would've been left alone preggers he needs to be more responsible of he is going to be a father

# 7, there are these things called Periods. Try using them sometime.

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"preggers" is the worst word.

Hey #75 let's talk about starting a sentence with a pound symbol. Yeah okay.

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99- I counted 7 places you could have put punctuation in both of your comments. 75 isn't a dumbass. You are. Go back to English class.

Well, considering I am in high school how could I go back to English class when I take it everyday. Thanks for the comments though, helps with peer editing of my internet career. P.S. I live in America where I have the right to say whatever I want and whatever I feel and although this situation is sad, I can voice my opinion about it because of the 1st amendment. Am I still a dumbass?

Also, I never called him a dumbass. That is just rude to misread things.

Stop. That whole "I live in America so I can do whatever I want" attitude is why the rest of the world hates us. So yes. You're still a dumbass.

Aw, I don't hate ALL Americans.. Just the ones like #7 :) And #7, that is not a pound sign. £ is a pound sign. Trust me, I'm British.

What baffles me the most about America is that they can't be bothered to even acknowledge other countries. Not even Canada, which is directly above. I've met people on the other side of the world that know more about my country than New Yorkers who live just a few hours away.

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Doesn't exactly sound like a quality guy...

He sounds like an idiot, no-one needs that crap while pregnant x

I would have minded even if I wasn't 6 months pregnant in the pouring rain. Who knows what could've happened in two and a half hours? And who blows off their wife for their ex-girlfriend?

That's what I was thinking.. a lot can happen in that amount of time. Why would he choose his ex-girlfriend over you? that alone is fishy to me..

Not everyone has bad relationships with exes, some even remain good friends. And not everybody is jealous of their partners' exes. You know, that thing called trust in a relationship? I am not one of these people, just saying. :p

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I agree, I'm really good friends with one of my exes, BUT I wouldn't leave my fiancé waiting in the rain. My fiancé comes first over my ex, no matter how good of friends we are.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure your soon-to-be wife should rank higher on the priority list than your ex-girlfriend.

You know 63, trust is definitely necessary for a relationship to succeed, but leaving your current pregnant girlfriend standing in the rain for over two hours to pick up your ex is still a problem whether there is trust in the relationship or not.