By sandyc - 23/05/2021 22:01

Today, I just got my first period. My mother has been dead for years and my stepmother genuinely wishes I was dead, so who am I supposed to tell? FML
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Your father, honestly. Time for him to man up. told us. And...we as a community can be your friends? I'm also sorry for your loss. ❤

Comments told us. And...we as a community can be your friends? I'm also sorry for your loss. ❤

We are here for you. I hope you have an aunt or friends mum you can chat you. I’m a mum if you want to let out your emotions. Sending happy vibes

Your father, honestly. Time for him to man up.

Sorry your stepmom sucks so bad. If you have a good relationship with your father, tell him. If he's a good father he'll get you what you need and be there for you. If not, and you need adult help talk to a trusted female relative or even teacher if need be. Best wishes to you in a tough family situation!

Not really sure why you have to tell anyone but don't you have friends??

She's very probably a minor and will need someone to buy sanitary products for her, to deal with the blood.

I don't know how your father can stay with someone who hates their child.

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I would start off with pads, tbh, they are easier to use. I’m assuming you don’t know what kind of flow you have. So normal size pads should do it, I would go with long to be safe. Change them when they are 60-80% red. Extra long for overnight if you notice you change pads often. Take a couple in your bag where ever you go. Even when it’s not the time of your month. Keep track of how long they last. A normal cycle is 28 days, my cycle is 31. So I recommend a period tracking app. So you just have to record them, and it’ll remind you when you have a period coming up. Midol helps with cramping. It’ll effect your mood, and your body in ways that’ll take time to understand. Tampons are more difficult. If you want to use those, I would start off with normal size as well. Do not keep them in over 8 hours, 6 hours to play it safe. If they come out “dry” or hurts to pull out, go with light tampons. There will be instructions on the box on how to insert them etc. Go onto YouTube for better / verbal tips tricks and advice. You are not alone. No matter how much it feels like it is at times.

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Also keep a spare pair of undies and pants with you during these times.

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OP follow this useful advice. It's heartwarming to see sincere & helpful suggestions.

Sorry to hear that, definitely a FML, google and YouTube though will be a close friend in this situation when no one else will be.