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By Eww - 05/10/2014 17:48 - United States - Salem

Today, a girl puked on me. No warnings, nothing. She just threw up on me, then walked off like nothing even happened. FML
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I would have probably thrown up on her in response from the smell alone ... Thats disgusting! FYL


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I'd rather find her and give her a hug.

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i agree. walk up to her and engulf her in a hug. no warnings, no nothing.

It could've been worse, OP. I once had a patient who had explosive diarrhea...all over the front of my uniform, at the beginning of my shift. FYL.

If OP does I bet she replies in a whiny voice "OH MY GAWD! Why did you do that!?" In your best Batman voice reply "Pay back bitch"

I don't know who you are. But I will find you and I will puke on you

I would have probably thrown up on her in response from the smell alone ... Thats disgusting! FYL

My thought exactly! I'm pretty sure I would barf if someone puked on me. The smell...I can't even think about how gross this is!

If someone pukes on me they better hope it kills me because they will spend some time in the hospital otherwise.

Yes #45. Because beating up someone who is already sick enough to puke is an excellent idea and shows a great deal of bravery and dignity.

If i see anyone throw up, i end up throwing up as well. OP you have some amazing control there!

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uh, doesn't mean you should throw up on someone. If they're that sick, they shouldn't be going anywhere. There's the floor too. The lady who barfed could have done so on the floor. Throwing up all over OP would warrent at least a slap in the face. She was clearly healthy enough to walk away like nothing happened.

If you aren't feeling well stay at home. Don't go out and spread it around.

that really sucks, and she walks away like nothing happened.. terrible person

thats just disgusting. she was probably drunk

I would have not just let her walk away after she threw up all over you.

Chances are she was extremely drunk and wouldn't have been much help even if Op forced her to stay.

I have no idea why, but your comment made me start laughing hysterically. Thank you :)