Today, I met my girlfriend's parents for the first time. We got on the discussion of animals, and I showed them a picture of my cat on my phone. Being a touchscreen, when her father grabbed it, it changed picture. To a picture of my girlfriend, fully nude. FML
By sunboy52 / Tuesday 5 May 2009 07:43 / United States
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By  Eldarrion  |  0

#1 .... read the post again, and if that doesn't answer your question... consider getting help.

As to the OP... seriously... how old are you? If both you and your girlfriend are over 18, it's a fair bet her parents know you're doing the horizontal rumba anyway.

  crackz12  |  10

I think he meant locking it in a separate folder where it cant be easily accessed. And just because they know theyre old enough to be having sex doesn't mean they want to see a naked picture of their daughter on his phone. So you're an idiot pretty much and OP DI for letting that happen

  Kitten_love  |  22

Just because someone is over 18 doesn't mean they are having sex. I'm a 22 year old virgin with a two year boyfriend. It's a life style choice.

I just wanted to correct #4 by saying not everyone is having sex.