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By  Monikabug  |  9

It wasn't the smoothest response, but I am sure she understands. It was a party, it happens. Why don't you give her a call and apologize? That would be a start.
Your life isn't over, you just need to take control of the situation.

  ladykat  |  0

Sounds like she made you nervous!! I would go with that excuse. Tell her that you like her too and that you nervously threw up, deny the whole drunk thing. Ask her if you can make it up to her with dinner, and hopefully it can be a great story to tell your kids....

P.S. Try not to screw it up by puking on her again!

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

yes, it is disgusting, but if she reeeeally liked you like she says, this wouldn't be that big of a deal, really bad but if she doesn't still want you after this she doesn't know how to get over things, especially accidents

  SubjectDelta  |  0

Puking on a femanon? I salute you good sir, we welcome you with open arms to this wonderful place called the interwebs, I'm sure you'll fit in grand next to Tinkerbell and generic akward bf/gf sex lines. So go on, take a seat perfect clarity piss drunk story, we have much to discuss.

  Peacemaker9  |  7

ya there's goes ur shot of getting
laid by her heck even ur shot of going out with her !!!!!!! dam u just fucked up big time with the good ol 2 fir 1 deal!!!! lol

  Ms_Jessie22  |  8

Sinisin2010 is right, dude you gotta stop being a creeper if we can't even see what you look like. Besides you don't even know if those girls' pictures are actually them. Oh and are a hottie

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

At the very least he should've controlled his neck. Throwing up in front of her, next to her, behind her, around her, anywhere else but on her would have been much better.

Just tell her you're her Stan. Almost forgot, YDI!