By allennn - 14/03/2010 14:56 - France

Today, I went to a party, and the girl I really like started telling me how much she likes me and how she thought we would be good together. I was so drunk I threw up on her. FML
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Reply to this. You know you want to.

Monikabug 9

It wasn't the smoothest response, but I am sure she understands. It was a party, it happens. Why don't you give her a call and apologize? That would be a start. Your life isn't over, you just need to take control of the situation.


Reply to this. You know you want to.

pinkpolsih 0

your right I do want to. :) and I did.

Adds a whole new meaning to giving her a piece of your mind... or make that pieces

Oooh, that felt good. Now back to the lower numbers where I belong.

YeahFMLxX 0

mmm I third the greater feelin of this reply :D

BrownSugar_fml 5

what felt good?

volcomst0ned 0

you already know

hi mom, hi dad, hi snickerdoodles !!!

Yee12 0

You can't make food while texting!

I did :P and OP YDI

Yee12 0

YDI for having a tongue

doesn't almost everyone?

on her? ya right. I call straight bs.

Why is it BS? Booze can make people do sone crazy stuff. Like steal your television. I think you shoul go check on it.

emmmilyyy 0

is your name Stan and her name Wendy?

if op was really that drunk, how do we know she really said that, also, what if she was just as drunk. Can't call FYL or YDI

GuitarDude1996 0

that really sucked, man:)

no I don't! damn.... I did

Most likely she was drunk too. Don't worry about it.

Blue_Coconuts 7

It's not the meanest thing you could have done. Trust me on that.

epiclyamazinly 0

yup that's digusting. TURN OFF. I bet she doesn't like you anymore haha. that's what you get for being plasterd. :)

o0XMzMayX0o 0

52 hahaha good one!!!

ladykat 0

Sounds like she made you nervous!! I would go with that excuse. Tell her that you like her too and that you nervously threw up, deny the whole drunk thing. Ask her if you can make it up to her with dinner, and hopefully it can be a great story to tell your kids.... P.S. Try not to screw it up by puking on her again!

It sounds alot like Superbad to me.....

no alen has a smaller mouth

@69 uf fuckd tht old hag will say yes and imagine sex wth a grammar nazi

98 was a reply to 41

I'll reply and OP FYL and YDI

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Ha ha.

fdent8193 0

DGross is sexyyyy lol

Yeah if you were soo drunk OP than how can you recall this situation with such clarity?I'm gonna call wishful thinking on this one.

yes, it is disgusting, but if she reeeeally liked you like she says, this wouldn't be that big of a deal, really bad but if she doesn't still want you after this she doesn't know how to get over things, especially accidents

Hello son/daughter.

is your name possibly Stan and hers Wendy?

this is f her life. I mean a simple no wouldve been good enough

the op could be a girl O.O

least you dident give her a black eye?

InCaged_Insanity 0

is this your only pick up line?

Puking on a femanon? I salute you good sir, we welcome you with open arms to this wonderful place called the interwebs, I'm sure you'll fit in grand next to Tinkerbell and generic akward bf/gf sex lines. So go on, take a seat perfect clarity piss drunk story, we have much to discuss.

kaytlinblindsey 0

drunks tell the truth (:

Cricketiscool 0

He gave way more than his mind. haha.

# 69 (relentless14) SNICKS WILL NEVER MARRY U. CUZ SHES MARRING ME ...She just doesn't know it yet 

persianality 0

how did u kno I wanted to reply??

who would want to marry snickerdoodles, she ain't old nuf to marry anyway

Peacemaker9 7

ya there's goes ur shot of getting laid by her heck even ur shot of going out with her !!!!!!! dam u just fucked up big time with the good ol 2 fir 1 deal!!!! lol

I agree with 111, you were drunk enough to puke all over, yet you remember the things she said? Hmmmm...

cunningchick 1

You knew I couldent resist:))

Keeping it going :D

Sarcastic humor at it's best.

yup thats the way to hit on a chick puke on them when there telling you how much they like you

things happen xD

MXavierT 0

Atleast he didn't knock her out and drop a dues on her.

I bet she liked itt.

if you are saying that I'm cute then thank you(:

hells yea I was sayin ur cute ;)

Girlsrockmysocks how ugly are you that you don't have a picture on here? hahahahaha, cybermacking at it's finest!!! Quit being lazy and add far as the FML this reminds me of Superbad but opposite and that's [email protected]!

@133 haha nice....

Sinisin2010 is right, dude you gotta stop being a creeper if we can't even see what you look like. Besides you don't even know if those girls' pictures are actually them. Oh and are a hottie

pfft you think I'm fake? funny. look at marley xD

112, I wasn't aware FML was a dating site...

you actually think I'm a fake...? look at my picture... it's not all that great. and yeah Marley is deff a fake.

Crystallyn, I don't really think you're fake I was merely pointing out that on the internet not everyone is who they say they are.

how could you misspell my name it's right there :[ jeesh it's Cristal not crystal

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that's a nice way to say hi.

maddie1 0

wow smooth

MXavierT 0

Or chunky, depending on what he ate.

mmm black eye, black suit, black car, and black taco!! ^_^

YDI for not controlling your stomach :)

At the very least he should've controlled his neck. Throwing up in front of her, next to her, behind her, around her, anywhere else but on her would have been much better. Just tell her you're her Stan. Almost forgot, YDI!

WIN. I was waiting for someone to make a South Park reference.

lawlfyl 0

Haha. Nice. It definitely reminded me of South Park first thing.

wooooooow..good impression?! :)

YDI for not knowing how to control your involuntary functions

MXavierT 0


BrownSugar_fml 5

1) You deserve it for not holding your liquor. and B) hope you tried to help her clean up! hahahaha