By Gearhead369 - 03/10/2010 04:39 - Canada

Today, I got a flat tire on the highway. If that wasn't bad enough I had no spare in the car. By the time I got a ride to get a new tire, someone was nice enough to fix my air conditioning for me. They smashed out my window to break in. The doors were not locked. FML
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some people were smart enough to figure out "fixing" my air conditioning was simply just smashing out my window. and I didn't hitchhike, my wife picked me up!

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perdix 29

Your Canadian crime is so quaint and sweet. Here in the US of A, you'd have been robbed, raped and murdered by the stranger giving you the ride, and loved it!


wazdog 4

YDI. If you left your windows open it wouldn't have happened.

ehm, #1, I don't think OP saw it coming that his window would get smashed

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds miserable. Aren't your fellow Earth-monkeys terrible? Anytime one of you has possessions, someone else finds a way to ruin it, whether through theft or vandalism or both combined. Trying to achieve any happiness through material possessions is futile, anyway. Then again, trying to achieve happiness at all is futile. As you realize how horrible existence is, you will become more and more depressed. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

Happiness only comes through COOKIES!!!!! COOKIES IS WHAT WE LIVE FOR!!!

I feel like making a bad pun. This FML was very...erm, "smashing". ("smashing" = slang for "intriguing" or "exciting") :D

KingDingALing 9

18- Actually, I am currently very happy:)

uhm the person smashed through the windows anyway...go troll somewhere else

well Marvin_Android i see you have a Android so that tells me you a new phone since droids havent been out that long which tells me u in fact try to archive materiall possessions and what to show off, so it tells me u are trying to be like the "Jones" so i call u a hypocrite, and another thing, Dude you your not happy then kill yourself and quit trying to make everyone else unhappy, you are a waste of air then. You allow depression to run your life and that is the worst thing someone could ever do, so i give a "Your Life Sucks"

twinny_sc 13

Does anyone else read Marvin_android's comments and imagine an eeyore type voice? Well I sure do.

because of #46, my forehead is bleeding, and my desk has dents in it. How the **** does someone remain that STUPID and ignorant in the ******* God damned Information Age?!

UnicornsDoExist 0

Maybe they just like smashing windows.

KingDingALing 9

Why would they break the windows to fix something? That doesn't make sense.. Some peoples' children! I swear!! Haha

I'm assuming OP was being facetious about the A/C thing like breaking the window is the fixed A/C. If not... this FML is obviously BS.

yes he probably was. it's cold here so it's like ac at times.

FYLDeep 25

If "smashing a window" is supposed to equal "fixing air conditioning", then this has to be one of the most poorly worded FMLs in recent memory. It's certainly not clever or witty at all, just ******* stupid. If it really means that whoever did it really did fix the a/c, then this doesn't make the least bit of sense at all. I don't even know what to say to something like that.

I couldn't agree more... Not the least but clever. You fail OP

a/cs are not something you just fix on the side of the road. there is no reason to think anybody fixed it other that the window now always allows cold air in the window. why are people even debating this?

stewpididiot 11

FYLdeep, who pissed in your porridge ? what's REALLY bugging you ?? come on, you can tell us...

I agree with FYLDeep. I could've overlooked the bad joke, had the rest been phrased well. As it is, it reads as if he was still in the car when the windows were smashed.

someone smashed my car's windows twice and both times they stole the air con! so I thought he meant the same when he said they fixed it!!

subiedude08 17

That clearly went over your head there

perdix 29

Your Canadian crime is so quaint and sweet. Here in the US of A, you'd have been robbed, raped and murdered by the stranger giving you the ride, and loved it!

Im_Russia 0

in russia we dont have cars we have goats and a lot of da vodka

#6 umm it sounds like your proud of that also, #19 i thought all russia was was a bunch of bears on unicycles and da vodka

^^^ they didn't actually fix anything. i'm pretty sure they meant that breaking the windows makes air conditioning... kids these days...

you should have just called someone instead of leaving your car...

Lilllly_1316 0

That's what I said! I mean, who just leaves their car on the side of the road. and if that isn't bad enough, she left it unlocked. Maybe I'd click both FML and YDI if her car was locked, or she showed some sign of common sense...

You'd be surprised at how many people will leave a disabled car on the highway for days at a time, and that's if they don't just completely abandon it there. People will also often disappear after calling for a tow, either because they don't believe the dispatcher's low time estimate (highway calls are considered a priority), or because they can't figure out that the tow driver will need their keys, signature, and/or money.

He fixed your AC and cracked your window. Lol, can't use it now

Oh dear lord. The joke is that his AC is simulated by the window being broken. >_>

Well, let me add to the idiocy! :P OP, YDI for even owning a car in the first place, you POLLUTER! And why would you have a car with windows, anyway? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU! And if you just simply MUST own a car, you should take better care of it. YDI for letting it go to shit. Also, you're about 5 minutes from the North Pole if you live in Canuckia. Why do you even need AC?

Lilllly_1316 0

YDI for not having Triple A, and not calling your mommy when your car broke down, or a police officer, OR a tow-truck so your car wouldn't "get it's air-conditioning fixed".

yes cause people's mommy's just love to be bothered with "my car broke down and I'm like really stuck"