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Today, after clubbing with my girlfriend, we went to her place. She then threw up on the floor, and went to clean herself up. When she came back, she'd forgotten that she'd just thrown up. She blamed me for puking, and kicked me out. It was 4:00 am and a 3-hour walk home. FML
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NEVER! Calling a cab is the easy way out. We as humans must demonstrate barbarian-like stamina and conquer nature. If I have to walk three hours to prove myself, by God, I will!

Cab drivers creep me out. I'd rather walk the 3 hours.

Oh blah blah blah. Intelligent albeit drunk as shit people know how to dial a cab. Only dumb as ****, simple as shit, less than the "Nermal" 100's in the world would forgo a call for help.

In the netherlands no one calls a cab, because they're really expensive here and the dutch are pretty cheap. So i guess OP didn't even think about it, we're not used to it...

it was really only a 5k walk home but he was so drunk it took him three hours.

Taxis are expensive. That is a bad idea.

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The first time I read this I got "I clobbered my girlfriend".

I think this is your cue to break up with the crazy alcoholic.

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Being drunk is no excuse for bad/stupid behavior

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#5 screw that. She can't handle her liqueur and sent you walking home it's over and maybe she'll think before she get belligerent next time. I wouldn't put up with that ever.

So you are telling me, even if you had a great girlfriend, extremely nice, caring, loyal, intelligent, great family, good looking, but she got drunk one time (can't say it's been more since op never said she was an alcoholic), you would break up with her over this?

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Yes because I am that shallow. I don't put up with anything. That's why my wife never fights with me and I don't fight with her. We are past the child stage in life.

fighting doesn't mean you're in a child stage. arguments are necessary. If neither of you discuss things then how can you maintain anything?

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33- Arguments aren't necessary, but discussions are. Most topics of conversation between a husband and wife (or girlfriend and boyfriend) shouldn't cross the line and turn into an argument.

an argument is simply when your views differ and you debate it.

@29, yes--if she got drunk and threw me out for something that 1) she did herself; and 2) even if I had done it, it's not that big of a deal--I would end that relationship. Your premise is false, because a person who is "extremely nice", "caring" and "intelligent" would not do what the OP's girlfriend did.

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Does anyone else find it ironic that everyone is arguing about 'arguing'?

If you're that drunk that you throw your boyfriend/girlfriend out for not cleaning up your puke at 4 in the morning, then you have a problem.

46- no its not 'fighting' My fiancé and I have been together for 9 years and we have NEVER once gotten into a fight or yelled, or argued. I like to see it as a 'debate' or a 'compramise' I don't like that he's doing something or the way it's done (or the other way around) and we talk about it, and I either end up understanding his reason for doing things that way, or we figure a way we can both be happy. Example of compromise, he dislikes horror movies and I very much dislike his Troy/knights of the round table type movies. It doesn't take an argument to figure out of you are willing to either watch it alone or do it together, and have him/her support you. Relationships are about compromise and support.

It's OP's fault for not saying anything, a gf isn't a maid what kind of idiot would just wait for his girl to do the work? *facepalm*

You do know OP's gf puked, not him, right? Either you're a little off or I missed something here.

Doesn't mean you act useless and do nothing but stare, then not say anything when you are blamed for it. Pathetic.

So it's pathetic he isn't confrontational? Riiiiiiight. When it's someone else's puke, it's not common to clean it up for them, it's their puke, their fault, their responsibility. If you are that close then cleaning up their puke would be fine, it's just not common or hygenic

I don't see a reason for dumping her though. Honestly, she was drunk off her ass (I'm assuming). Maybe if this happened when she was sober and this happened more than once.

Doesn't mean you CAN'T do that either if you really wanna get into all the hypotheticals

27- What the ****? Did you just completely disregard this FML what? I don't know where the hell to start with your bullshit...

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True you right...Like he could have put some paper towels over it or something... & he shouldnt have left either anything could have happen to him at that time of night ...shoulda sent her drunk'n ass to bed and them cleaned up and went to bed too..he's dumb!

Gotta love how sometimes people may be in one area and their mind is somewhere a few miles away Especially when drunk.

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I don't think you should've left. Maybe try to make her listen.

Why leave, she would probably forget that she kicked op out.

Well the cold night air is great for clearing ones head after a good night partying it up.

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I can only imagine how wasted she was that she doesnt even remember puking minutes before

Hey! You get to see the sunrise! " and sing "I'm walking on sunshine, whoaaa-oh!" non-stop. Makes the situation more bearable, albeit barely

Should have manned up and talked her down so you could spend the night

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Sometimes it's not worth arguing with a stubborn person.