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By shark - 27/11/2012 03:03 - United States - Houston

Today, I was separating my notes into two piles: one to save for exam studying and one to throw out. I finished separating, picked up the junk pile, and absentmindedly shredded it. Afterwards, I looked down to see the junk pile still completely intact. Goodbye, passing grades. FML
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WingsFan80 4

That will teach you to look first

Because of my constant OCD attacks and hope of passing, I always make sure to double check when I shred my paper.. I hope you can get them from someone else. Good luck on those exam.


WingsFan80 4

That will teach you to look first

kittenvks 11

And maybe a second and third time as well o.0

chell1894 13

A while ago I wrote an entire essay and literally as I was on the last sentence after spending hours working on it the computer turned itself off and it was erased. I had to sit and just stare at the computer for about 5 minutes before it all sank in.

32: What's with folks not saving their work? Just click the little disk icon; that's all you have to do. 38: Completely. Why shred notes? Is the OP afraid someone might read them? The OP was setting themself up for failure when they started thinking shredding was a helpful idea.

And that if OP finds shredding noted absolutely necessary, to at least wait until after the exam.

Something similar, well, kind of, happened to me. I was 7 years old and had been saving one special candy for the end. I had no candy left, took off the wrapper, and chucked the candy. It was emotional.

Grumpy Jack 26

To chell1894 : how can you not set your writing software so it automatically saves your work ? In case your computer shuts itself, what was already saved remains intact.

Because of my constant OCD attacks and hope of passing, I always make sure to double check when I shred my paper.. I hope you can get them from someone else. Good luck on those exam.

Nightwing98 22

Or OP could just do what I do, put the stuff I don't think I need on my bookshelf and then throw everything away at the end of the semester/school year.

I like 54's suggestion I generally try to keep all my notes somewhere just incase. I don't believe shredding papers is a great idea in this situation, if you had just thrown them out they could have been recovered. Plus, wouldn't you notice they were the notes you needed while shredding? Op should try to borrow notes and photo copy them!

unknown_user5566 26

This is why I always create back-up notes for school. If I do print them out, I always save a copy of them on my computer. If they are REALLY important notes, I'll even email them to myself for good measure. Better safe than sorry.

bettykooler 7

I'm pretty sure they were handwritten.. It sounds like OP was before the typing phase.

unknown_user5566 26

41- You've never copied hand written notes into a word processor before? I'm starting to feel like a nerd.

ryry013 6

I've heard stories of people who would write notes quickly and sloppily in class, but then rewrite them nicely later. Never of anyone typing them.

katburton13 2

I've typed them up later. They are easier to study. :)

KVKdragon 26

People. It isn't that hard to scan a paper(s) into PDF format via printer. Nor is it a big deal to take picture of said paper(s) with a phone or tablet camera. Even typing it separately one by one is smart too. You make a duplicate copy of said notes and you relearn the material. Use your brain. I'll probably get thumbed down for saying that but I don't care. The ignorance is too ridiculous to watch. Kyleekay is smart to do that and I do the same thing too for important papers -_-

BlueFlatts 20

Sometimes for a really important exams I'll re-write my notes that already tend to be very neat as a way of studying. Then once the exam is over I burn the old ones, it feels better than shredding.

You really should have tidied the "to keep" pile away before doing any altering of the states of any pile. And you should have kept them a big distance apart, or only have kept the discard pile near the shredder. Woops that's a bit of Magic: lingo

Drink a little caffiene when studying or doing homework. It'll keep you alert and mistakes like this would happen less.

Geometric 18

Actually plain old water would be better than a drink which can just make you restless.

Caffeine just makes it harder to concentrate, actually. The only time I ever drank anything with caffeine in it was if it was art related, since that's about the only thing that I can actually concentrate better on when full of caffeine.

I said a little caffeine. Not a seizure inducing amount. Maybe it's just me but I tend to make absent minded mistakes more often when I'm tired.

It only takes a little bit of caffeine to cause concentration problems and you just end up more tired in the end anyway.

If you don't drink it often, I understand the concentration issues but most college students and adults I know can't function without morning coffee. If your body consumes a lot of caffeine, a small amount should be enough to wake you up a bit.

I'm a zombie until I get my first cup of coffee/soda. I do drink plenty of water( with Mio) but won't say it makes me alert. Caffeine is the only way I know. It's kinda sad now that I realize it.

An apple in the morning is actually more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee. The people you know don't need caffeine, they just need a kick start and then they pick up the reins once awake. It isn't required to have a coffee high in the morning to be awake. I don't, but I also have ADHD which may cause my body to wake up more easily.

CharresBarkrey 15

31 - Caffeine is often used to treat symptoms of ADHD, as it generally calms them down and makes them drowsy. So, your argument really has no stance here as you basically don't react the same to caffeine as those without ADHD.

sleepRX 16

#36: Yes, I find that so interesting. I remember a friend of mine, in elementary school, told my mom that caffeine calmed his ADHD down. Amazingly so, it did!

chlorinegreen 27

I enjoy having a little pick me up while studying after I had been in school all day. Not enough to be jittery but a little helps me not get bored and drowsy but a little more focused. Not everyone reacts to it the same way she/he was just saying a little pick me up can sometimes be a little helpful. But that's me I know not everyone feels the same way. Sorry I couldn't remember if it was a he or she didn't want to be insulting.

A actually am a coffee addict but I find if ever have more than one at the exact same time each day then I have problems concentrating.

Krajjan 9

I just read an article on Cracked that cited a military study at BUDS (SEAL basic training) that found one to two cups of regular coffee, in exhausted trainees, significantly decreased mistakes and increased mental acuity. The Army, or at least my old unit, runs on caffeine. I'd have never made it trough AIT without copious amounts of Jolt gum, soda, and hyper strong coffee. I'm sure it'll eventually make your heart explode, but damn can you get some shit done in the five minutes you have left.

Caffeine, like ADHD drugs, is a stimulant. It gives you energy and make you more alert.

iseyixes 18

Get out the tape and enjoy your puzzle.

That's why you type things out when you get home. And also why you double check things before shredding them.

TheRandomIndian 17

I don't see why you're getting thumbed down, typing stuff out is actually a good way to study and review just like writing things over again.

Ydi, seriously how could you not look first? And did you shred all of them at once or just piece by piece? (If its the latter, ydi even more tbh)