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Today, I found out that my entire class, me included, has to rewrite the painfully difficult midterm we wrote last week. All this because the Professor left the exams strewn across her desk. The cleaners thought it was trash and disposed of them. FML
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Go to the dean. Her negligence is not your problem - you did the work required by the course as outlined in the syllabus. Any other fuckups are entirely on her.

You guys realize that most midterms are not typed right? Term/midterm papers are, but the OP specifically said exam.


well just think, more time to study right?

That's not much of a plus.... Sorry OP. I suggest you sue... It's fun.

Sue?! Really?! Grow the fuck up. Shit happens. Yea it sucks, but no reason to try to "sue" someone over it. Idiot

I agree. your an idiot. moving along.

at least you know roughly what to study for and the overall types of questions asked.

Should of backed it up on a computer.

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that sucks so badddd!

26, 29: I guess it is half my fault for using sarcasm over the internet. I'm making fun of the people who sue for everything.... Geez.

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^ Mmhnm..sure.

o well sorry. next time b more clear

Actually, the midterm was most likely given IN CLASS, therefor she would not have been able to back it up on a computer.

looooooool I know ehhh....what a faker

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as if the cleaners would do that!!!! wouldn't they see it was important!!!

It was pretty clear mushy was joking when see added, "it's fun." Painfully obvious actually.

my question is this: why did the cleaners touch her desk? because at my HS, janitors aren't suppost to touch teachers desks, to avoid things like this. unless this was at home and she has a cleaner come to her house....

I was just about to say that -_- lol

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he will do better anyway

Well if the cleaners thought it was trash you probably failed.

I love you Khaya, your my role model

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Jeez, there's no need to be arrogant. Especially when you're wrong.

Just kill yourself.

hah! I'd love to be able to retake my midterms... you're basically guaranteed a better grade.

It's a -midterm- not a regular paper. Usually those are done in class..

Once again, the midterm was probably given IN CLASS, so how could she have saved it on the computer?

I kinda get where she is coming from. When I take midterms, I go to the resource room and if it's an essay sort of test, I'm allowed to type it. But still, midterms are usually done by hand in a classroom, so it's safe to say the OP hand wrote it.

*he, sorry 'bout that.

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wow fyl

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wow.. tht sux!! screw tht teacher! FYL

that would sure help you pass

I wouldn't do it. Afterall, it's her fault not yours but that's not how it works.

so you'd take an F on the midterm. I'd understand being really pissed off but taking a F would only hurt you.

yea agreed 60. at the end of the day yes it's the teachers fault but it's your responsibility to make sure it's marked

Go to the dean. Her negligence is not your problem - you did the work required by the course as outlined in the syllabus. Any other fuckups are entirely on her.

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Did your professor have a late-night rendezvous with the president and forget to clean up afterwards?

You're right, but I think the teacher is well aware that (s)he has fucked it up. Besides, haven't we all did something similar? Forgetting your homework/your usb/the big test for today...almost every teacher has once in his career lost some homework/papers. The main problem is: what if the teacher cannot find them, or in OP's case, what if the tests are destroyed? It's logical that the students don't want to restudy and remake the test, but then they don't get the results. And results are necessary. So, eventhough it IS the teacher's fault, the students still HAVE to remake the test. It's not fair, but they have to get results.

president or principle.....

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@41 Not comparable situations. When a student forgets an assignment on the day it's due, the person who screwed up (the student) pays the price. Totally acceptable. Consequences of your actions, you know? In this case, the person who screwed up (the professor) isn't paying the price. The prof isn't facing the consequences of his/her mistake. S/he's shouldering the burden onto the students. It's not just "not fair," it's not right. The prof should find a way to restructure the assignments of the class so that the lost exam can simply be dropped. That's really the most logical way to deal with it. And unless this exam was the only graded work in the entire course, it should be feasible. At the VERY LEAST, the prof should be working with the students to find a solution. Not just going "Oh well! It's your problem, not mine!"

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70, I agree. Prof should give a choice. Retake midterm or final counts for both.

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ydi if you didn't save a copy or file of it.

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Did you ever think that possibly they could have been handwritten ? Normally when I have to handwrite an essay I don't make a copy of it .

And that's why when situations like this happen, you have to rewrite things. :) Copies make things much easier.

When you take a midterm, it's most likely in class. Midterms aren't things that professors want you to take out and make copies of...

ya where do you go to school. I hate writing but I've had to hand write every midterm since highschool.

Did you not save it on your computer or a flash drive? I definitely think this is the professor's fault and you shouldn't have to re-do it, but since you do, it shouldn't be that big of a deal to just re-print it.

Exactly, you should have it saved somewhere, OP.

you can't save a midterm.

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48- exactly some people need to learn to read properly.