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Just go... they'll stop listening soon enough ;-)

You have to do what you have to do!


Just go... they'll stop listening soon enough ;-)

Yeah. Fuck it, go. This is literally the worst situation I could ever think of. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of a good poop just because people are listening.

It could be worse... Like in a public restroom with a lot of traffic..

The good thing about a public restroom, though, is that you don't personally know the other occupants and they will leave soon.

At least you aren't sitting in your car, stuck in traffic!

#14- I don't think it's going to be a good poop after taking laxatives...

You have to do what you have to do!

Yea you can't just shit there for ages.

Let it loose and get some air freshener.

And get a radio. That's why we have a radio in our bathroom. It drowns out the sound.

Don't care about the guests, and if they really don't like the sounds coming from the bathroom they might leave earlier.

You can always try making very loud fart noises to try to mask out the real ones op, then your roomates will think you were just fucking around?

when they ask just say you where reanacting some sex you had, that will shit them up

If having sex with your significant other sounds like explosive diarrhea, you're doing it wrong.

unless you're a necrophiliac ;P

No they just bang dead people

I was talking about the sounds... anyway, obviously that joke was shit and went over a lot of heads, so I will let myself drown under the sea of downward pointing thumbs.

I thought this was funny because I understood the joke :)

So your just going to sit there and shit yourself? Just go poop who cares everyone poops man.

Good book. I read it once…

How can you hold it in? It's going to turn into explosive diarrhea.

It's your house, and also your health D:

Maybe sing, or turn the shower on and pretend you're showering to mask the noise...? Good luck.