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Today, after being single for a while now, I unwillingly went on a blind date with a guy my friend convinced me would be perfect for me. He took me to McDonald's; his father was with him the whole entire time. He is 27. FML
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Guess it was a not-so-Happy Meal ... I'll show myself out

Bah da dah dah dahhhhh ... I'm lovin it. Did he at least Supersize your meal?


Well, that's just a risk you're taking going on a blind date, isn't it?

The only risk I see is having a friend who thought that OP would be "perfect" with her date... Like what did he order; a happy meal with extra apple sauce?

If it was set up by a friend op probably had at least some hope, I'm pretty sure op wasn't thinking "well, hopefully he doesn't take me to mcdonalds and bring his dad along."

Friends are smartasses when it comes to things like this. I certainly wouldn't expect anything fantastic from a blind date set up by one of my friends.

To be fair, the lad probably paid for the meal. Possibly with his father's money, but I'm not one to turn down a free meal.

What, friends with no sense of humour? No thanks.

31-well if they send you on that blind date as a joke, that's pretty damn funny...for them, but if they did it in seriousness then they either don't know you to we'll or they don't know the other person to well

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Did he at least pay is what I want to know

40- If it's McDonald's I'm not sure how much comfort could be gained by him paying. OP probably would have been willing to pay 3 bucks to avoid a shitty blind date with parental escort. I know I would be.

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A friend of mine once said "I'm tired of going out with bitches, paying for everything, and nothing works out at the end". So he decided to take girls to Burger King & Popeyes for every date instead and have them pay for their own meal. OP's "date" just might have that same mentality.

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Exactly, I mean if he's already taking her to McDonalds with his Dad he obviously doesn't care to much about making a good impression. So why would he pay? Because I see him not paying. So I'm actually just curious

Lol this comment was different before I replied :/ go ahead and thumbs down :,(

21-I thumbed your fist comment up, I got your back buddy! Can I keep it now? *does puss in boots pout face*

Bah da dah dah dahhhhh ... I'm lovin it. Did he at least Supersize your meal?

If she's lucky, she might get to see the Big Mac, or the Quarter-Incher -- I mean Pounder.

If she's sweet and sour, maybe she'll get double-pounded... Oops pounder

Eliseopwns 22

Hey, if it's at McDonald's, then it's because she's in need of a Big Rack- I mean Mac.

McDonald's is also renowned for their thick milkshakes. Apparently, it brings all of the boys to the yard, and they proclaim it to be superior.

41- Combo breakers are annoying in video games. What makes you think they'll be welcome here?

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C-C-C-COMBO REVIVER! I hear she has a HotAssPussy. I mean a Hot N Spicy...

It would be an adorable date if they were 7.

take this as a lesson for the future OP.

I'm sure that not many guys take a girl to McDonald's for a date with their father's accompanying them.. At least I wouldn't do that..

I know, man. If I brought my dad with me on a date with a girl, my mother would be so jealous.

Guess it was a not-so-Happy Meal ... I'll show myself out

Wait, where are you going! I haven't finished your order yet! I NEED TO KNOW IF YOU WANT FRIES WITH THAAAAAAAAAT!

26 - Reading that with the Doppler effect is fun :)

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Her date must hav been chuck norris, only he can make a happy meal sad.

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I think it's safe to assume that no, he wasn't.

Today, I met this perfect guy. FML Said no-one, ever.

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Most of the time, blind dates suck! Hang in there OP.

unknown_user5566 26

Just think about it this way, OP: all the bad dates you endure will make the good ones seem a million times better.

Any chance your friend punk'd you? Your date seemed too ridiculous to be legit.

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I'm proud of the FML community. We made it to 12 comments before this "keeper" stuff started. Let's try for 13 next time guys!!!

27- you made me smile :) a thumbs up just wasn't enough!

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Did he get mad that he didn't get the toy he wanted from his happy meal?