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Today, I was taking the final exam for one of my classes. The teacher came over to my desk, grabbed my test and ripped it in half. Then he grabbed my hand and read the note I had written on it to remind myself to pay rent. FML
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  iKaite  |  0

Well done, your a fucktard. Did you sit there for three hours and wait for the FMLs to come on so you could while 3 minutes out of your mundane life to yell FIRST!!!!!!11111 to anyone that would give a fuck? Well done #1. You deserve a motherfucking medal.

  Crotcho_fml  |  0

who the hell takes out a piece of paper in the middle of a test?! YDI

and to all the peeps doggin #1.... y'all seem real jealous. if u had a one-comment-a-day limit, would you waste it on insulting some1? jeez ppl

  FreddyLunch  |  0

That was bad wording by the above. You shouldn't write notes on your hand because it could be something that helps you remember parts of the course. Rent could be a memory aid for something. You couldn't write notes on the test because you wouldn't have received it until you sat down to take it and therefore it would be fine to write notes on the test because it's yours to write what you want on it.

  TheTruth1428  |  0

I agree. There was no reason to write a note before or during a test. If it was something as important as rent, you should have remembered it without writing it down.

  kdb268  |  1

re: #64: Really? You've never had to write down a reminder for something important? It's the important things that get written down, you know, because they're important. There's a whole industry of paper- and electronic-based planners designed to help people write down or otherwise record important to-dos.

That teacher must have been under some serious stress to go that far without even checking the note. I bet he felt like a dumbass after seeing what was on your hand.

But really: LOL! I hope it all worked out okay!

  NeatNit  |  32

12, memorising school stuff with codes is a legit way. My history teacher even uses it sometimes to remind us stuff during tests. It's fine as long the actual answer isn't mentioned. All it does is remind you what you already know. Teachers shouldn't give a fuck about how you do that.

  jebby011  |  0

do you have to motherfucking post like 10 fucking comments? is this what you do all day? I'm not going to say anything sexist, becaus ethats wrong.

  FerrariCake  |  2

Obviously #9 doesn't read any student handbook. It's up the individual professors to decide what materials students can use during an exam. There is no university or college that has a general policy that forbids specific materials during an exam.

#9 might actually discover this to be true if he every gets close to a university campus.


I am in so much agreement. I used to write everything on my hands- it was the only way I could get things done.
And just today I was invigilating an exam; if someone looked like he was cheating, it'd be ask first, *consider* ripping later. WTF is with the overly-dramatic teachers that harass the FMLers? This is the second exam-ripping one I've seen.

  fball913  |  0

they would dismiss it as not being the teachers fault cause all administrators are a bunch of pricks that like to have sword fights with their cocks

  calikola  |  0

Or how about the professor could have looked to see what was on his hand first, before ripping up the test? Is it so much to ask that someone confirms their suspicions before acting rashly.

I'm sure a two word note on his hand like "Pay rent" didn't look a damn thing like the kind of notes one would need to cheat.