By thissucks - United States
Today, after finishing a three-page essay for my spanish class, I went to rip up my brainstorming paper in an act of triumph. After I finished ripping it up, I looked on my desk to see my brainstorming paper fully intact, and my essay torn into bits. FML
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  Mnemic  |  5

How the hell can you not type a 3 page essay? :-P Oh well, maybe the OP will do it in the future. In that case he only has to use the 'Print' button again. ;)

Anyway, the OP deserves a YDI. Another one who doesn't look what he's actually doing...

  fantasyflamz  |  0

At first I was so confused from this FML because I haven't written out a final draft of my paper in about 12 years. At first I was like wtf, she can just print out a new one no biggie. Then, I thought about it more and realized the person had hand-written their final draft. YDI for not typing it on the computer dude, digital copies are so much better.

  mandark  |  9

I had a teacher last year who wouldn't accept any writing assignments written by hand, they all had to be typed. Size 12, Arial, double-spaced.
Needless to say, I failed.