By thissucks - 14/09/2009 01:00 - United States

Today, after finishing a three-page essay for my spanish class, I went to rip up my brainstorming paper in an act of triumph. After I finished ripping it up, I looked on my desk to see my brainstorming paper fully intact, and my essay torn into bits. FML
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Fake, 3 page essay vs a brainstorming paper by the non plural one page, there is no way you would be able to not notice you have three pages instead of one.


What's a "win baby"? I want one! (Seems someone is too dependent on grammar check.)

What's a grammar nazi? Oh wait you are!!!

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Fail, that's why you have to type it out on the computer

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Chuck Norris would have eaten the pieces and shit out a better one

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98, not all tests are allowed to be typed. The finals essays at my school have to be handled written.

you should really notice what you rip up next time lol ^_^

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Didn't you save it on ur computer? I'm sorry, by YDI for not double checking!

YDI for ripping it up. Yes FYL now go make me a sandwich

How the hell can you not type a 3 page essay? :-P Oh well, maybe the OP will do it in the future. In that case he only has to use the 'Print' button again. ;) Anyway, the OP deserves a YDI. Another one who doesn't look what he's actually doing...

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YDI for hand writing your paper, then ripping up paper from your desk, which was stupid whether you checked or not.

At first I was so confused from this FML because I haven't written out a final draft of my paper in about 12 years. At first I was like wtf, she can just print out a new one no biggie. Then, I thought about it more and realized the person had hand-written their final draft. YDI for not typing it on the computer dude, digital copies are so much better.


Should Have Been Paying Attention....

Should Stop Capitalizing Every First Letter Of A Word.... No, seriously. Stop. (I sound like a bitch.)

And...? You have it all written down. Won't kill you to rewrite three pages.

Did you hand write the whole thing or something? You make it sound as if you can't just hit "Print" again.

Why? Is handwriting your work very uncommon?

>_> It is when it's an essay. Most teachers nowadays DEMAND your essays to be done on the computer.

mandark 9

I had a teacher last year who wouldn't accept any writing assignments written by hand, they all had to be typed. Size 12, Arial, double-spaced. Needless to say, I failed.

Yeah, I stopped being allowed to handwrite things in middle school...