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By ShouldHaveLetHimTakeTheTV - 07/11/2009 17:01 - United States

Today, I got a letter in the mail saying I'm being sued by the guy that broke into my house last week. When I walked in and saw him, I tackled him, punched him in the face a time or two, and restrained him with zip ties. I now have to pay for his broken nose and face charges of assault. FML
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That's gonna get thrown out of court rather quickly. Also, sue him bactoor the emotional trauma you suffered of walking in on a robbery :P

Nobody said our justice system was perfect, but it still sucks super bad for you.


Nobody said our justice system was perfect, but it still sucks super bad for you.

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Claim self-defense. He's on the prosecution, the burden of proving harm goes to him, not the other way around. Legally, as the defendent, you are "innocent until proven guilty". I also doubt no judge or 12-member jury will rule in favor of a guy who breaks into others houses.

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if he was in alabama he couldn't be blamed for what happens on his property. here, we have the right to shoot anyone who is on our property without permission.

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okay, no matter what that is definitely breaking and entering and you really should have broke his neck, then u would file it as self defense. He entered private property withOUT permission!

@156, It doesn't work that way. If someone gets hurt on your property, even if they broke into your house, stole $1,000, jumped out a window and broke their neck, they can sue. I know, I know, the ******* law system is ****** up.

Just thumbs down him until it gets minimized.


@160 Actually, that law is about maintenance and safety issues. It has absolutely no relevance to an assault case. Just FTK.

@164, still, I'm just saying how ****** up the system is, not saying its relevant, but it's still ****** up that he would get in trouble for trying to stop a robber, ya know?

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I seriously doubt this, even a half-brained lawyer would get you out of this.

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He didn't say he lost. He just said he's being sued. He's gonna be wasting time and maybe money on proving that he was just defending himself against a robber.

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The lawsuit most certainly isn't fair. The guy broke into someone else's house with intent to rob it, the guy was defending his property and could have killed the robber without recourse.

Wisconsin is one of very few states with no self-defense protections. So the OP is probably screwed, but he can counter-sue and possibly get most of his money back.

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He'll still get a trial by jury. It'll just be a waste of time for both people involved. You know, if this isn't fake.

#58, correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that Wisconsin had the 'Make my day' laws? Or is that only in the south Midwestern states?

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yeah his has to be the best ive seen so far

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That's gonna get thrown out of court rather quickly. Also, sue him bactoor the emotional trauma you suffered of walking in on a robbery :P

People get screwed that way all the time, actually. I've seen the cases, it's depressing.

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What do you expect? This country protects the criminals.

Hahah. Only in America. If people break into your house and get hurt. It's your fault.

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Well... it is a workplace accident xP

There was a news story I read a while ago where someone broke into a fast food restaurant after it had closed for the night. The robber burned themselves on a stove that was left on, and sued the restaurant or something. Turns out the robber won, got away with breaking in, and the restaurant had to pay lots of fines. That's messed up yo.

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This country is ******* messed up =/ Hope I never get broken into if I try to defend myself I'm gonna get sued =/

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Shouldn't he be in jail? Pssshhh... leave it to good ol' America to protect criminals and punish those who need defended. Horrible justice system, I know. Get a good lawyer and appear in court. If you tell about the break-in, what jury would possibly be on his side? Of course, this IS the U.S. ........ You're SOL, OP. Sorry :(

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some states (new jersey, for example) don't have self-defense laws. therefore, this case would stand up in court, for at least a little while, in new jersey.

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Sorry, you're wrong. New Jersey does have self-defense laws. Don't believe me? google it the first thing that comes up is a pdf of the new version of the law which states "It is proper for law-abiding people to protect themselves, their families and others from intruders and attackers without fear of prosecution or civil action for acting in defense of their own well being and the well being of others." This hasn't stopped robbers or attackers from trying though. Most often they loose but they waste taxpayer money on nonsense court cases anyway.

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According to a comment posted earlier, Wisconsin doesn't have such a law.

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Hire a good lawyer and counter sue!