By John - 07/11/2009 21:45 - United States

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend of 6 years. She said no. Why? She's already married. FML
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give that bitch a good slap to the face.


YDI for not living together and not going to her house in 6 years. Shmuck

YDI for waiting 6years to ask her to marry you.

jwbbabe 9

props to her for getting away with it for 6 years without a single suspicion from either guy.

I'll just say what everyone is thinking. What a ****!

I think the fact that she told him she's married could mean it's something else...

fosizzlemynizzlE 0

...owned didn't u notice her ring?

CelineDeStar 0

They don't have to wear a ring.

why does everyone assume that married people wear their rings? Neither my husband or myself wear ours. He is in construction and has bent it, scratched it so he keeps it at home. I am a pastry chef with my hands in flour and dough everyday so I opt to not wear it. Having said that, how the hell did you not know she wasn't married? She's brilliant for pulling this off for 6 years, a cheating ****, but brilliant.

DrPluton 0

That was my thought, #4. How could you not know something like this?

Oh? Post a ******* link to an FML "similar" to this. And if it just says "I proposed to my girlfriend and she said no because we were moving to fast. We've been dating for 10 years. FML" Then that is not at all similar.

give that bitch a good slap to the face.

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and say u ******* **** thts what u get for lying to me. then tell her husband.

Ya know, if I didn't see so many of this very similar scenario, I might be inclined to believe this post is true...

This seems to happen a LOT nowadays. ...Not to dispute the veracity of the post though.

awww. sorry! hope you find someone better*

MermaidSongXOXO 6

Wow...... I'm assuming she didn't wear a ring when you were with her. I was going to post a sarcastic, snarky comment but, geez.... I can't on this one. I'm sorry, OP. FYL

it just depends on how long she was married for when they were going out