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Today, my boyfriend of 2 months broke up with me after finding out that I reload my own shotgun shells and I shoot competitively. His reasoning? He didn't want to date a "cheap and dangerous woman." Seriously? FML
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Haha, thanks for the support everyone. To add to my FML story, my ex knew by our third date that I go shooting. I found out from our mutual friend that he didn't think I was "cheap and dangerous" until his ex before me (at a party where I was unable to attend) started talking trash when she overheard him telling a couple of buddies that I shoot targets and reload my own shells. I'm 22, I have a full time job, and I have my own 2 bd apartment and a truck payment (among other bills). If I can save a little money, I will. Traveling for competitions and entry fees can get expensive. The thing that makes me laugh is his ex is my age, works about 15 hours a week, and has all her bills paid by her parents (she doesn't go to school or anything either). She uses the cash she earns to buy expensive clothing and what not (which according to her, I could "never afford"). Sorry I have different priorities in my life? Lol. As an update, two of my ex's friends (and yes, this includes his best friend) have asked me out since our breakup. My ex also sent a txt to me this morning saying that he messed up. I guess his friends talked some sense in to him. It's too late though. Goes to show that you probably shouldn't take advice from a jealous ex girlfriend. Just saying.

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You sound like an awesome women! Screw you now ex, someone will love you for you!

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you rock, that's all I gots to say. his loss.


You sound like an awesome women! Screw you now ex, someone will love you for you!

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OP, pop a cap in his ass and show him what danger looks like.

So awesome OP, that #1 has oh so generously promoted you to plural status!

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To be fair it is a bad idea to day a woman that's a better shot than you are

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60- why? What's wrong with a woman being a good shot?

No ,34, she could get in legal trouble if she severely hurts/kills him. OP, load a she'll with rock salt and then put bacon rinds on top of the salt. That'll teach him.

#60-So what my sisters a better shot than I am.

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Wow your now ex is a moron! You sound like the perfect girlfriend

How can your hobby be the reason for a break up? Your ex sounds like an idiot!

I suppose if he's against firearms, that's a pretty legit reason. She's free to have a hobby of her choosing, he's free to not want that is his life.

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Or maybe he's one of those people who want to break up for something, but they give their reasoning as the first stupid thing that comes up instead.

I guess that's true but if he loved her enough he should have been able to look through that, i guess we really have to see both sides of the situation.

My comment was referring to #13 comment

But clearly he didn't love her enough, if at all, hence them breaking up

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Ok. That's really stupid. And if a lot of boys are like that, I'm screwed because I can shoot pretty well.

Even though he's against firearms, it is still weird to break up simply because of that! I could understand if he wouldn't commit to her in the first place (if he'd known) but to break up afterwards just seem harsh!

Getting ready for that zombie apocalypse eh?

She's ready for the infected and clickers. (:

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Basically, instead of buying new ones from the range or store, OP takes the empty casings, refills them with new primer and buckshot and basically makes her own ammo.

It means she takes the powder and whatever she's using as pellets or slugs and actually packs it into the shell before shooting

Yeah, it's not saying she reloads her shells into her shotgun, but instead literally reloading the shells with new gunpowder and a primer. I do the same, but with rounds for a glock. It's much more cost effective.

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A reload bench is a great investment if you're someone who likes to shoot a lot. Shells are expensive nowadays.

Oh did not know that, that's pretty legit actually on OP's part

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I guess he's either really stupid or he was looking for an excuse to break up with you. OP

Does your ex, his friends and especially your ex's-ex (sorry, my bad if that's not the way to call-it) read fml? :) I HOPE they DO! =))

Instead of a angry dad with a shotgun, he had a angry girlfriend with a shotgun.

yeah, she should say that she shoots the shotgun only when she is broken hearted

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You sound awesome :D ( I moderated this lmao )

So would of 100 or so other people. 1 + moderation does not let the post through, it takes many more, thankfully.

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One person can make a diffrence .

#57, one letter can make a difference too. ;)

Good thing you didn't waste any more of your life with that jerk! And your hobby seems awesome and badass I'm sure guys would kill to have a kick ass girl with great aim! Hope you find the RIGHT guy soon!

That sucks OP. People constantly put me down for liking learning about and using firearms, and because I'm in the UK it's a ridiculously difficult hobby to take part in anyway. Screw it, the guy was probably an asshole anyway.

Why would he do that? You have a shotgun.

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