By doblex - 20/12/2012 11:19 - United States

Today, my house was broken into. The cop that came turned out to be a guy I fought over a girl with in high school. He sneered and said that everything appeared to be in order, and that I probably ransacked my own house. FML
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When things get personal, cops are the biggest assholes, just because they have the power to be. Better report that dude.


Yes, report him, then request another officer to come out because of a conflict of interest.

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It's a small world after all It's a small world after all It's a small world after all It's a small,small world. Oh sorry I thought we were singing the song....

False. The world is the biggest thing on earth.

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66 - Next to Ben Affleck's ego, that is.

False, reality is undefined, therefore it doesn't exist.

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66. Your avi goes perfectly with your comment. Lol

False, chuck norrises penis is bigger than the world.

When things get personal, cops are the biggest assholes, just because they have the power to be. Better report that dude.

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72 - You don't know whether or not reporting him will do anything. Perhaps he's got a running record of being unprofessional, in which case this could be the straw that broke the camel's back. Or perhaps his supervisor is actually a decent person and does his job, he'll see that officer a$$hole gets his just deserts.

Im usually the first to defend cops but in this case I completely agree

I think there's people you can report that to..

In this case it would be preferable to just say "there are" and avoid the awkward contraction altogether.

That's messed up. I hope you beat his ass and got the girl. You should have told him no but I ransacked that girl from you.

If the cop had won over the girl, why would he be so bitter now? I reckon you're right.

"Oh yea I remember her! I ransacked her gooood."

Hope that girl was worth it! See if you can get another cop out there that isn't a ********.

Wtf is with all these stories of cops doing such petty shit on this site. Cops are supposed to be more mature than that.

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While ideally, cops should be above that kind of pettiness, at least when they're on the job, cops are people. And some people are just immature asshats. This one seems to fall into that category

EVERYONE does petty shit on this site, and as said cops are some of those people, just like some of those people are in all different work sectors.

Because this site just wouldn't work with out the stories of people doing petty shit.

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You're not gunnar hear about a cop letting someone off with a warning, it's FML not ILML.

Power is a hell of a drug. It's really interesting; you should look into the psychology behind power and what it does to people. Combine that with the relatively low requirements to be a police officer and it's just inevitable.

132, wait, who is uneducated? Because I'm pretty sure that was a rather uneducated statement you just made. Some departments require a bachelors, and most require an associates. While the schooling isn't there in other departments, the on the job training is at least 6 months, and that's not including the police academy -- both of which I doubt you could ever pass. Don't discredit the officers that do their jobs because of a few bad seeds. Thank you.

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That man has issues if he's still holding a grudge from high school.

Maybe she was as pretty as you ahh see what I did there, but really maybe the cop thought the girl was the love of his life or the one.

Then he's an idiot. And still has issues.

Some people like abusing their power. Report that immature prick and then we will see how long he holds that grudge.

97 - Just wanted to let you know I was going for the thumbs up on your comment and my finger slipped, so consider that you have 2 more thumbs up.