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Today, my fiancée called our engagement off, because apparently she's actually a complete idiot who will believe anything that a slimy con artist tells her. In this case, a "psychic" who mumbled some shit about me having "a dark aura." FML
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loserboii 11

You're better off without her if she's that supersticious

I would too if my fiancée just left me because of bullshit like that.


loserboii 11

You're better off without her if she's that supersticious

Just find another slimy con artist to say you have a very bright aura.

olpally 32

She's worse than "rose" from two and a half men... Lol, you're better off without that crazy bitch...

ripresno 10

Superstitious? Maybe just gullible. And did you know that the word gullible isn't in the dictionary?

Ask her if she even knows what an aura is

verrrrrry superstitiooooouuuuus, writings on the walllllll!

Llamacod 11

Ha, liar, I found gullible in the dictionary. Perhaps you just have an older print so it's not in yours.

CaramelMacchiato 13

21 - I'm sad to say that I actually fell for that :(

55, it's a joke to see if you're gullible enough to actually look it up. It's a joke that's been around for some time. Hmmmm now I'm wondering if you know this already and testing other's gullibility? Haha

Llamacod 11

Enslaved, you, ma'am, are a genius. My comment if someone didn't catch my sarcasm would have been along the lines of: I don't know if gullible is in the dictionary burbot definitely is in FML.

Llamacod 11

Damn autocorrect, I meant but it is in FML

Thank you for clearing that up. I had no idea what you were talking about and looked up "burbot" in the /dictionary/ hehe. Why you were writing about cod confused me.(:

perdix 29

Is a burbot related to the turbot, another fish?

Is it? You tell me. And here I thought the only fish you cared to research were snappers. (:

other121 2

Ha-Ha-Ha you are really funny. Old ass trick or joke or whatever. Grow up

xd3box 4

21-Is it bad that I thought to myself for a moment, "is isn't?". I quickly snapped back into reality.

Nobody has stopped to contemplate the fact that OP really might have some dark aura, and his fiance' just saved herself from murder, torture, depression, heavy flow and probably 15% on her car insurance? Just tossing that snid-bit out into everyone's salad.

atomicbaboon 0

188, if i wanted snid-bits in my salad, i would've ******* asked for them! gtfo

WeAreAHurricane 14

Does it mean that she predicts the future too? Seeing as your aura is pretty dark now that you've been dumped...

200, I was just trying to share. Please, in the future, don't make such useless comments. They make you look stupid :)

josh_lzr 4

Wowowow. That blows. Find the guy and do mean things to him

Let's not rush to any conclusions guys because there might actually be something to this. Dark auras do exist. How else would you explain the existience of evil Ryu ???

#52 yeah, my mom has a dark aura. It sucks and she doesn't believe in that so she's just acting normal but I keep my distance

52- Evil developers at Team Ninja...

If this guy was Patrick Jane then let him be.

What is "a dark aura". Sounds strange

#154 it's like, if your evil or good. A dark or black aura is not a good sign, it could mean you work with evil presences or your just not nice

154: you should see if you can get paid to make special appearances to classes of lids taking those anti drug programs. One sentence outa you and they'd be drug free for life.

Earth_Bound, you sound EXACTLY like OP's fiancée

#52, no, they don't. Auras of any hue do not exist. Next you'll be saying you believe in ghosts. And homeopathy.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

At first glance, I thought #2's comment said "Find the guy and blow him."

itwasallyellow 0

See? You have such a negative aura!

I would too if my fiancée just left me because of bullshit like that.

thejewishfuhrer 17

Uve got to be kidding me. Ur an idiot for saying that

128, you've got to be kidding me. You're an idiot for spelling like that.

1crabbygirl 10

Lighten up, people! She's making a joke.

22cute 17
jojimugo 20

Dumbest comment I have seen all year...

Michael_92 20

Idk about that, I have made some really bad comments this year.

Grab a pitchfork, torch, and head to that psychic!

ripresno 10

Screw pitchforks and torches. Grab an axe instead.

ripresno 10

Or just watch them agree that we all have bad auras. Hooray for our bad thoughts!

Noor, that would fail. Have you ever played Pokémon? Try fighting 2 Kadabras/Alakazam and see if that would get you somewhere. I recommend a Bug or a Dark type.

Llamacod 11

If the psychic is psychic wouldn't he see it coming?

Llamacod 11

No, the psychic you bring will block the "sight" of the other psychic.

72 - okay, thanks for clearing that up for me.

Ok I am still trying to process what you guys all just said....and Pokemon all the way

BradTheBrony 19


For better and for worse apparently didn't suit her

Silly bitch. Run. Be glad. You were let off easily. Imagine if you had married her.

Trisha_aus 15

Take her to a different psychic and prove to her it's all bullshit

Llamacod 11

What if the 2nd psychic says the same thing?

If the second one says the same thing, then OP must be a demon.

reddudeover 2

59 - if op's smart he'll grease the second physic.

97- If he put grease on the psychic... don't you think he would be mad and not do what he says?

Psychics want to get their person alone. As con-artists they can suck money out of her pocket like no tomorrow. Just be glad your not with her.

eh, unless you two spent a few years together you should be thankful you noticed this about her beforehand. if you two stayed together and got married she might wanna let your future kids themselves (like on 30 rock) but im sorry OP. maybe some other girl will love yoy "darkness" and all! :)

36 - Do you have no reading comprehension?

Llamacod 11

Yes I have fine reading comprehension skills. But does this actually make sense" if you two stayed together and got married she might wanna let your future kids themselves..." Let your future kid do what themselves? So I too have to say WHAT?

NAME. i was on the house phone while typing on my cell. i also spelled you wrong. just relax.

Llamacod 11

For starters, you relax, I never said anything about the misspelling as that was obvious what was meant. But c'mon forgetting the "NAME" out of the sentence completely changed the point of the comment.

personally, i think youre being rude to 70 and i. okay, i made two mistakes. okay 70 was trying to be funny (and yes failed) but i dont think you need to be so proper and snobby about it. maybe im reading your comments wrong but it seems like you would be the type of person that smacks gum just to annoy others. and by that (in internet) i will say, you were (in a way) trolling. thanks for your creative inputs. not to mention when i said "relax" it wasnt directed at you, but at 70. feel free to insult me futhermore, but i wont respond.

Llamacod 11

Wow, you are waaaaaaaaay too thin skinned, never once in any of my comments on this thread insult you or anyone. I was just pointing out the lack of comprehension in your original comment. I do appreciate that you came back with "NAME" so I could insert it into the original comment and make sense of it.

Show that psychic how dark you can get. I want them to not be able to tell that she was human by the time you're done. If you want to, though. I'm just saying it would be fun to watch.

Llamacod 11

How would that be fun to watch? I thinner found our "dark aura" right here.

Llamacod 11

I meant" I think we found our dark aura right here"

I think she had other reasons to leave you. Sorry OP.

I agree. Either she is incredibly flaky or she was grasping for any reason to leave because she alreasy wanted out. I can't see any way that you aren't better off without this relationship, OP. Hopefully your bitterness over this will subside and you'll be open when a more suitable person comes along. Prove that psychic wrong.