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Today, I walked into my bedroom, only to find out that my bed is missing. I have no idea where it is. FML
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I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you but it left you. It just couldn't stand the constant abuse you gave it. At first it stayed because you cared for it, sometimes even changed the sheets. But lately you do such unspeakable things to it and don't even have the common decency to wipe off your love seed off the bed. You just leave it there to stain... some some stains never go away. So in the end you left it no choice but to leave you. It is in a better place now in a home that cares for it. So please don't try find the bed. It's with me now and it never wants to see you again.


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you just have the new magical missing invisible bed. your parents replaced it while you were sleeping. they can't return it due to a 639$ downpayment. sleep well on it :)


lol #19, the Hangover ;) well, Doug was on the roof, the bed was like impaled on some statue thing..

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aha it was a dino that took it, I promise, I wouldn't take it back now it prolly has tacos all over it, now. such a tragedy

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Maybe you should look on the roof of your hotel. Were you in Vegas?

That's... odd. Call the Missing Beds Department!

49, the statue was still on the roof... and op, you got served.... i have nothing good to say

WTF. that's pretty awsome, and this made me laugh. but still..the ****?!

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oh no you gotta find Doug his mattress is gone 0_0

I think he took some floories haha j bet no one will understand that maybe some will

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what?? ahahaha the hangover :)

Ah damn wanted to make an reference (: 'just look at the roof' but apperently I'm waaay too late. Funny movie. Anyway OP FYL it will probably turn out to be a somewhat idiotic situation (what else can this turn into?)

lol the first piece of evidence showing a GREAT night out ;)

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YDI for walking into your bedroom, only to find out that your bed is missing. You have no idea where it is.

All I have to say is... It wasn't me >> <<

Sorry OP.. I kinda needed a new bed.. mine broke. it's very comfy btw ;p

oh no! not again! I need to stop misplacing it...

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YDI. Be more gentle with your next bed or it'll run away too...

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dude that's awsome :) THE HANGOVER :)

o shit I was thinking the sme thing 19

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did you check under the bed?

well actually me and OP's mom had sex then you stole it.

@99- I doubt Micheal would loose his bed. He need it to 'do it' with Jackie, Lourie, and occasionally Pam Macy. Oh wait, it's Kelso... he doesn't need a bed, he'll do it anywhere.

The floor is just or much more comfortable. Did you check the garage? :

172, and anyone else that spells it wrong, the name is Michael. Not Micheal.

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thumbs up or the hangover reference

I think I am going to name one of my children Micheal not Michael. I always get that name wrong, it drives me crazy!! :|

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then your like wait where's Doug?

is the only thing you remember last night vodka and weed?

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lol, bed bugs can be tricky. It was probably an army of ants that snatched it up n_n

YDI for being username with no info and such a lame FML. sleep on the couch/floor

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Maybe the magical elves took the bed.

Gnomes, dude. FYL, but they need profit for step 3.

haha I saw your pic and found out you blurred ppl out in ur pic in the background that's ****** up dude.

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there has got to be more to this story... do you live alone? do you live with your folks still? did you leave your house unlocked? we need details.

Or maybe they just walked into the wrong room.

You don't need details dumb dumb, the fact they walked in and it was just gone is hilarious

haha dude that's funny you should of ha a V8

Maybe, whoever it is u live with, wants u out.

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