By Butch - 04/07/2016 17:19 - United States - Mcdonough

Today, our e-mail server went down. When I called IT to find out what the status was, they told me they e-mailed everyone with an update. FML
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Tech support at its finest

"Did you try turning it off and on again?"


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Yeah, that's the point of the FML.

Run by Hilary Clinton's IT people?

Tech support at its finest

"Did you try turning it off and on again?"

I loved IT Crowd!

That's happened at my office as well!

Clinton probably deleted your emails. Man FYL

If it was a planned outage there would of been an email prior. If it was an oh crap something broke, the IT department is probably already aware of it and you are most likely the twentieth person to interrupt them to tell them what they already know.

This, they were probably being sarcastic because of so many people calling them.

Doesnt matter if they are the first or the twenty first. Unless something came out saying it was down how is this person supposed to know? Same thing when you call for an outage at your house. And guess what? They arent rude!

nesteremily 31

Something similar happened when our registers went down at work and our manager asked why we weren't taking orders.

This isn't similar.

It's similar to when Hillary's servers "went down too."


And the Best Comment of the Year award goes to...

Not sure who it goes to, but it sure doesn't go to #10.

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Fuck i accidently pressed like when i meant dislike. If you are reading this comment remember that there should be one less like than there is.

I'm guessing that update email will tell you when its done like this. Subject:Update from:tech support To: office Servers are back up if your getting this.

Subject: re. Update To: Tech Support From: Office *you're

Subject: update From: Tech support To: Office Thank you Jim.