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  MnBran6  |  0

77 She didn't specify that it was the next morning. I'm interpreting that she blew him later in the day AFTER having morning sickness. Learn to comprehend before calling names.

  zolziski  |  11

Just goes to show you how open to interpretation these fmls are. I was thinking she gave him head the night before and then suffered with morning sickness the next morning.
Either way, unless the OP asked for his help and he still chose to leave her to her own devices, then I see nothing wrong with him not "running to her aide". As others have said, he probably didn't think she wanted him around. For all we know, he may have tried to help once before and she flipped out about it. Pregnant women and their hormones... Tsk tsk tsk...

  passinby  |  3

try looking at context - she'd be pissed that he didn't help her while she was puking, so probably wouldn't want to go down on him after that. Kinda obvious that the morning sickness came sometime after the BJ.


everyone thinks he's being nice. she even thought it was a nice gesture. turns out I'd bet Money he was just holding it back to watch as men are more visually stimulated than women.

ydi for assuming he was being sweet and letting yourself down when he didn't do the same while you vomited a lung...