By Anonymous - 02/01/2011 21:15 - United States

Today, my husband was kind enough to hold my hair back while I was going down on him, but didn't have the thought to comfort me this morning while I suffered the effects of morning sickness. FML
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That is pretty selfish of him...

hope u didn't brush ur teeth so he has a vomit smelling penis


aww that sucks I'm sorry ):

YDI for getting sick.

Are you truly sorry? Yeah, didn't think so.

shit happens .

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ur hot

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you should look at him like he's crazy next time he wants some and say " punkass Decepticon" :P

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why would he comfort you. As long as he's satisfied. Stop satisfying him and you may see a change in him

That is pretty selfish of him...

Are you…RAGU?

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39 I see what you did there. haha .

XD The sauce!

39, that actually made me laugh. ^_^

hope u didn't brush ur teeth so he has a vomit smelling penis

that doesn't make sense because she said that she was sick the next morning. learn how to read dumb ass.

77 She didn't specify that it was the next morning. I'm interpreting that she blew him later in the day AFTER having morning sickness. Learn to comprehend before calling names.

Just goes to show you how open to interpretation these fmls are. I was thinking she gave him head the night before and then suffered with morning sickness the next morning. Either way, unless the OP asked for his help and he still chose to leave her to her own devices, then I see nothing wrong with him not "running to her aide". As others have said, he probably didn't think she wanted him around. For all we know, he may have tried to help once before and she flipped out about it. Pregnant women and their hormones... Tsk tsk tsk...

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try looking at context - she'd be pissed that he didn't help her while she was puking, so probably wouldn't want to go down on him after that. Kinda obvious that the morning sickness came sometime after the BJ.

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89, Uhm? … where in the FML did she mention she's pregnant? Sucks for you OP FYL.

You don't know what morning sickness is, do you? .___.

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what does YDI mean?

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y does she plz do tell cause that's just stupid for the guy to not have anything to with having a baby

he sounds so loving, you have a winner! i noticed most guys are only nice to girls when they want something, kinda messed up if you ask me

everyone thinks he's being nice. she even thought it was a nice gesture. turns out I'd bet Money he was just holding it back to watch as men are more visually stimulated than women. ydi for assuming he was being sweet and letting yourself down when he didn't do the same while you vomited a lung...

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I like how you generalize all men with that idiotic assumption

Thas guyz for you, it sucks but they'd do just about anything to get themselves relaxed whyile ur on the job.

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he was probably holding your hair back so he could watch

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Nah, guys aren't into watching...

Erm, yes we are. Or at least not all men aren't. :P

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I take it sarcasm hasn't made its way over to Holland yet.

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how do you get morning sickness from a *******? fake

dude she was probably pregnant and didn't want to have sex. so did that instead