By Anonymous - 13/10/2010 16:42 - United States

Today, I gave my two weeks notice at work. My boss sighed with relief and muttered, "Thank God." FML
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perdix 29

It's like when I got dumped by a girlfriend I wanted to dump -- it's just so much easier when they choose to leave. Evidently you were not good at your job AND not worth sexually harassing.

Its a boss.. They are all like that.,


Its a boss.. They are all like that.,

you_failed 15

Thats true. ^ But if you didn't like him, then I gues thats even?

Typical woman. Hoping the situation would turn dramatic with the boss begging her to stay.

...Yep. Women love to do shit like that and expect people to fall all over them.

LightSkinFresh 0

#25 *Yes

KaleidoscopePope 0

too bad she didn't consider the fact that her boss was probably about to fire her and said "thank god" in relief that she basically just did the job for's hard to fire people sometimes.

The same assholes that make the sandwich jokes and kitchen jokes. Idiots. Just ignore them.

65 you do expect the boss to slap her back right? or it would just be "sexist" :)

73: He's saying what if the boss slapped her back? Would you say that was sexist as well?

Ummm what if the boss was happy because she actually GAVE the 2 weeks notice instead of leaving unexpectadly, and now he can create new shifts/start hiring people? ever think of that?

Autoshot 9

Clearly you are just pissed that noone makes you sandwiches.

go make me a sandwich

That's a mean thing to say :(

why? apparently she does not care about her job anymore and she thinks FHL cause they don't care either? looks like a win-win to me.

I agree with 11. if she wants to quit and the boss wants her to quit. *shrugs* it doesn't really matter. PS this made 'me laugh

Candy...let's do it!!!

^^^^ Creeper.

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Schizomaniac 24

Holy shit! Pedophile!

you look a little to old for her pal...


what a nice jk jk

what if the boss was female?

perdix 29

It's like when I got dumped by a girlfriend I wanted to dump -- it's just so much easier when they choose to leave. Evidently you were not good at your job AND not worth sexually harassing.

That's just evidence that small boobs don't get you anywhere in life.

perdix 29

Ooooh! You're in trouble now! I know someone who's going to bite your head off! You-know-who, that's not what I meant!

BITE my head off? Sounds pretty drastic I'd prefer they just suck. ;D

perdix 29

CreateZ, I'd have expected the Itty Bitty Titty Committee to have sent a representative to deal with you. Ayame01 is not an official member since her profile pic shows that she is far more well-endowed than "itty bitty" (If you were fishing for a compliment, there's your catch ;) )

Heres a secret: The hormones they put in the chickens to enlarge their breasts stay in the food they produce! My friend dated a girl *cough*WHORE!!*cough* who when she was little ate a shitload of McDonald chicken mcnuggets all the time, and now her boobs are HUGEEE! But then again you're overweight soooo you're effed.(:

perdix 29

Ayame01, As an older gentleman, I can tell you that B's are just about perfect in the long run. When you get older, D's can look pretty awful when they are let loose from their holders. Gravity is not nice to the women who have the advantage in their 20's. B's can look good for a long, long time.

Isn't it so much fun when you find out that you're "that guy/girl" at work?

You must have sucked at your job!

yagurlteeteexoxo 0

Your boss is a BITCH...

Everyone's a bitch these days...


i don't think he liked you.

You're a genious.


I know it I know it(:

A little ironic, isn't it?

Did you give your notice...LIKE A BOSS?

This has to be the best comment all day. You sir/ma'am, did this LIKE A BOSS!

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drawing_a_blank 0

10 FTW!!!!!

Well, at least your boss didn't say "Thank Satan" and start consuming a goat in front of you while speaking the Lord's Prayer backwards. Yeah that's the best I could come up with.

Nine001 0

lololololololol wow I can actaully see that happening...>.>

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. That was amazing.

I tried replying to this comment multiple times earlier, but they wouldn't go through. But I basically said, "BAHAHAHA!"

i like washing machine