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By Yuni - 08/10/2019 06:00 - United States

Today, I went to a restaurant that I always go to, and one of the cute waiters gave me a discount. My mother called me a whore in the middle of the restaurant, then slapped me when I cried. FML
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tounces7 27

Yeah, you don't have a mother, that's a monster.


tounces7 27

Yeah, you don't have a mother, that's a monster.

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Jeremy Strang 7

Depending on how old you are, either move far away, or call the cops.

Mungolikecandy 19

If you have moved out and have an income etc. It may be time to cut that toxic relationship off.

Your mom is such a stupid bitch! A ***** would get her whole meal comped! If you only got a discount you may be a ****, or a trollop or a strumpet.

Major_Haywire 7

Cut her out of your life. I was in a similar position when I finally cut ties. It’s a lot easier than you’d imagine.

Sounds like she's in the running for "Mom of the Year...."

What the ****? Some of the mothers on this website don’t deserve their children. That’s abuse no matter what age you are (I don’t mean reporting wise) but you’re still her child regardless of age. I’d get out ASAP because that’s probably not the first time it’s happened, and probably not the last.