Not now, honey

By rhya4n - 15/05/2012 19:27 - Denmark - Herlev

Today, while I was applying some eyeliner, my cat jumped onto the counter and managed to headbutt me. The wand scratched a good portion of my eyeball, and now for the next few weeks, I will have to deal with the pain of a corneal abrasion. FML
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Trisha_aus 15

Eyeliners are evil...My friend almost had the same thing happen to her..except it wasn't a was me

itwasallyellow 0

Were you doing a cat eye? ;)


Abrasion?! More like felinashion! Hahahaha

You don't know what those words are doing to my stomach. 0_0

I read this three times thinking "What the hell is a cornmeal abrasion?" I got it.

Eyeliner wand? Isn't eyeliner usually a pencil?

CaramelMacchiato 13

62 - No. Don't forget about liquid eyeliner :)

I got punched in the eye by an Alpacka a few years ago. I mean, no big deal or anything.

ripresno 10

Now way dude have you seen that Direct tv commercial

kiran_fml 5

Don't end up in a roadside ditch. Switch to a dog.

SauceySarah 30

Am I the only one who read 57's reply in the guy who narrates that Direct tv commercial's voice?

thatsucks42 4

Nope! Don't worry, we can be weird together! ;)

I always thought that an eye patch can ruin your vision. You would take your eye patch off and have 60 40 vision instead of 50 50.

itwasallyellow 0

Were you doing a cat eye? ;)

reddudeover 2

Catipurr preformed head-butt it was very effective

when guys can feel themselves getting hit in the balls and feel the pain, im sure other girls feel this. sorry, OP.

hahauRrcool 0

Im, not sure what you were trying to say here..

I'm fairly certain both sexes are equally capable of suffering corneal abrasions. Furthermore, I fail to see how testicular injuries relate to the FML. You're lucky DocBastard hasn't corrected you yet.

Doc is too busy killing people with bad grammar.

BandWagonGuy 8

Yyyeeah, let's all mention a known FMLer for the thumbs up! :D I'll thumb you.... up.

Yeah.. You really don't think before speaking or typing

No I get what hes saying , sometimes guys wince or " feel" it when I guy gets kicked in the balls , he's wondering it the girls winced or felt her getting stabbed in the eye with an eyeliner brush. When I read the FML I grabbed for my eye cause I imagined being scratched in the eye by an eyeliner brush.

Trisha_aus 15

Eyeliners are evil...My friend almost had the same thing happen to her..except it wasn't a was me

I imagine ur comment in aziz ansaris voice :)

Trisha_aus 15

Noor thanks for the heads up...I better tell my friend she's wearing bat poop

Huh.. So we girls spent hours in front of the mirror when we 1st used make up just to get the technique of wearing bat poop right.. :3

I told you, cats want to kill the humans! Nobody ever listens to the crazy person...

That's because crazy people usually don't know which of their own voices to listen to.

Dogs can make ten different sounds, cats can make a thousand. Gotta watch those sneaky buggers

I listen to both, and of they have a disagreement, I listen to the third one.

Well I usually listen to the fourth voice, her name is Amy and she's smart

Truth is. Cats are jerks most of the time.

Honey, no. Just... Just don't even try, if that is all you can put forth.

xxkimmyt 9

I'll save you! *trap kitty*