By Bunni - 22/10/2009 22:22 - Australia

Today, I was tinting my own eyelashes when I missed my eyelashes and stabbed myself in the eye with the applicator loaded with dye. Now, I have beautiful lush black eyelashes, to match my half closed swollen red left eye. Sexy. FML
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Um..I've done that a lot of times..and it only stays red for like 10 min..def not an FML, maybe an FMnext10minutes..

Just wear an eye-patch. Guys love pirates.


pancakes_n_syrup 0

Um..I've done that a lot of times..and it only stays red for like 10 min..def not an FML, maybe an FMnext10minutes..

adime 4

inferior at home lash tinting kits can cause blindness if the product comes in contact with your eye. it's generally why most people pay someone with experience to tint their lashes.

Bl0OdYShAdOw 0

YDI for using makeup it's not neccesary.

silly qld bogan. are u one of those whoreish meter maids?

what in the world are you talking about ? And OP, I would definitely not try that myself, I'd go to an esthetics place.

Why does noone ever bother to look up something that they don't know about, instead of saying 'what the hell is that'? There's a little something called the internet, doesn't take that much effort -

#3 - shut the **** up, qld people aren't bogans!

oh and eyelash tinting is like dying your eyelashes, it lasts a few weeks and looks alot more natural than clumpy mascara(for those of you who seem to think it's an excessive amount of makeup) I get it done all the time because I am a natural blonde my eyelashes are virtually invisible without it.

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YDI for being a make up *****

i dont know about you man but i like women to look good, whats wrong with make up,?, eyes are one of the best parts,

right! but eyelashes? i have NEVERRR noticed a girl's eyeLASHES as being pretty (nor do i notice if they forget to put anything on their eyelashes one day) its just so impossibly trivial

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um, no..and to everyone who's bitching about the "wah wah girls shouldn't need to wear makeup" bit, girls are more than welcome to (and often DO) wear makeup because they feel that it makes them look different in a positive way--NOT just because that's guys' opinions or others' opinions of them. I know that if I don't wear eyeliner and I was up late working or studying the night before, my eyes look like I'm high or sick when I'm not. There's nothing wrong with me not wanting to look like a drug addict because I stay up late doing work, just like there's nothing wrong with any other female wanting to enhance/change her eyelast/hair/eye/whatever color...I'm all for female empowerment, but wearing makeup doesn't indicate a woman's succumbing to anything over her.

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Holy ****. Tinting your eyelashes is not make-up. It's a dye-job.

Just wear an eye-patch. Guys love pirates.

Mmm, pirate booty. Mmm, Jack Sparrow's booty. Mmm, Johnny Depp's booty. I have reached the conclusion that girls can't resist Johnny Depp's mighty booty. Yep. This sounds about right.

Then the OP could become a booty call. GOOD TIMES ALL ROUND

"Hello, OP? Yeah, Booty here. Just wanted to say hi." ^ The lesser-known and less fun "booty call".

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I didn't even know you could dye your lashes. That sounds... unnecessarily dangerous!

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I totally agree. And if you feel you must have your eyelashes dyed, that's definitely something I'd have a professional do. I dunno...having black eyelashes vs having eyesight...yeah, eyesight definitely wins.

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Black mascara does wonders, you should try it sometime.

WTF is eyelash tinting? That something like eyeliner? Sorry, i'm a guy so my experience with anything cosmetic is pretty limited.

Tinting? Dying? It says "dye" right in the FML. Dying your lashes so they are darker. Nothing like eyeliner or any other makeup.

No, it isn't. Sheesh. Mascara is gooey stuff that you put onto your lashes to make them look longer and darker. It comes off. Tinting is dying permanently. That's not the same thing at all. One is a type of makeup, the other is a dye.

I agree with Toxi, tinting and mascara are sooooooooo different. One is a permanent cosmetic, the other is only a temporary cosmetic. One colors your eyelashes temporarily, the other colors them permanently. Not the same thing AT ALL.

Tinting is probably better in the long run, anyway. Mascara rips my eyelashes out. :[

Ask yourself this: What guy, in your entire life, has ever complimented you on your eyelashes? No one gives a shit about eyelashes. YDI.

Probably tinting them to match her dyed hair. Sad that she's so obsessive.

Prawn_fml 2

No kidding. What the hell is the point of makeup? If you're a total prude then use it to cover a zit, ok, but otherwise i just don't see why anyone bothers. Money and time out the window.

Noo, people definitely care about eyelashes. Long eyelashes are usually pretty and, in my experience (not saying it's this way for everyone) draw attention. I have a friend who naturally has super-long eyelashes and lengthens them more with mascara. She gets complimented on them all the time--it was actually one of the first things I noticed about her. There's nothing wrong with make-up. I don't bother with it most of the time, but there are times when I want my eyes to be more defined, or whatever. But then, I could never spend more than five or ten minutes on it. Some people are just into enhancing their appearances. It doesn't make them obsessive.

@15, when you look someone in the eyes rather than ogling their chest and masturbating to it later, you tend to notice eyelashes.

Y'all ever see someone without eyelashes? It's weird... just thought I thought I'd throw it out there for some reason.

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#15 Just because she's tinting her eyelashes doesn't mean she's obsessive... Women (and even men!) use make-up to enhance their features. Foundation/tinted moisturizers even out your skin tone if your skin is blotchy, red, etc. Powder is so that your face doesn't look oily. Blush and bronzer gives you a healthy glow. Mascara lenghtens and thickens your eyelashes to make your eyes appear bigger. Eyeliner defines your eyes. Lip stick, lip gloss, and lip stains give colour to your lips and draws attention to them. All of this enhances what you already have. Yes, some women take it too far by applying it in excessive amounts but by using the right amount, you can drastically change your appearance in a positve way. And she was probably tinting her eyelashes black because she has naturally light eyelashes (ex, if you have light blonde hair, redhead, etc.) Not many people tint they're eyelashes to match their hair colour, so idk where you got that from #17... You're really stupid. So yeah, stop bashing make-up, women use it to ENHANCE, and we're not going to stop using it so... shut the **** up. And if you're a women who is against make-up, that's your decision but stop preaching your decisions to people who want to use it, no one is forcing you to wear make-up, so stop telling us we're ****** for doing so. Wearing make-up has nothing to do with prostitution, just saying.

i use makeup because i have uneven skin and pimpless. i only use a teensy bit of mascaraaa, and neevverr use eyeliner or eyeshadoww!

Jim I've had my eye lashes tinted and after I've had it done most of the guys I wrk with have commented on how nice they look etc, so ppl do compliment on eye lashes!