By FriendsZone - 15/05/2012 20:44 - United States

Today, the girl I've had a crush on for a year finally said she'd go out with me. On the way over to pick her up, she called me and said she couldn't go because she was going out to dinner with her ex-boyfriend to talk things over. She asked if she could use the reservations I had made. FML
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You should have said no and taken your mother because that would have been a sweet gesture

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I want to know what your answer was to that

wow no one has replied to one just to get their comment up. ops

#65, I agree...I miss those good old days where no one replied...

awww omg :( sorry Fyl OP, i hope u didnt let her what a bitch

You really should have said "No." She doesn't deserve it.

Say "no" and never talk to her again. What a bitch. She'll get back together with him and then one will cheat on the other. Then they'll break up and get back together again. Jackasses.

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Say that she can use the reservation, then immediately call the restaurant and cancel.

Wow! Hope you grew some and said not just "no", but "**** no!"