By ciotter - 08/01/2011 08:57 - United States

Today, my cat sneezed directly into my open eyeball. FML
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YDI for not wearing safety goggles around your cat?

I think you liked it.


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leedivinchi 0

Ik but I've always wanted to be first and now I am! so that's it. you can almost never get first on this damn site!

aww the cute little boy is first! anyways OP that's just disgusting..

i dont know whats worse. that OP's cat sneezed in OP's eye, or that OP's eyeball was open.

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Being a wannabe is for losers! Oh sorry...

annadorkable 0

i've been first 3 times. its not that hard .

You kept track of how many times? Must be some achievement.

haha your first and its moderated xD

xShannonxSammyx 7

Sanitize it.

Of course, use some hand sanitizer to clean it, no dont worry about the alcohol it won't hurt at all...

why would you? it's not like alcohol burn or anything

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YDI for not wearing safety goggles around your cat?

Sliim_Shaady 6

cats are for losers!!!

fuck off, cats are amazing

yeah cats r the shit

no. claws SCRATCH your shit

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59 and 72 have the right idea

...why again is ur cat's nose in front of ur eye?

MEGA LOL!!!! but yeah why was you eye near your cats arse

Ok... so cats sneeze from there bums now, I always thought it was there noses DO realize "arse" is UK slang for "ass", right? Go get yourself an education.

75 - Obviously, you don't understand that the context in which the word "bums" is being used is the same as "ass," ass.

I think you liked it.

that's what you get for making out with your cat

Better than having it sneeze in your mouth, right?

FYLDeep 25

You should have seen it coming.

lol I see what you did there!!

I think we have the same cat

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how is this FML? are u that whiny that a cat sneeze is like omg my life sucks now? idiot