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Today, I was told the Mandarin greeting that my new Chinese friends at school taught me was not really a greeting at all. I've been proclaiming "I'm a dumb bitch" every time I've greeted them, almost every day for the past month. FML
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Op, they are not your real friends. But if you want to get even, replace "I'm" with "You're". Then look up the translation, "Just like your mom" in chinese. Afterwards, put the two together.

  blissmarie  |  6

I know this is totally out of topic but am I the only person who gets extremely annoyed when people use asterisks as a substitute for letters in swear words? No..? Okay I'll go shut up now.....

  PokeyStix  |  3

What's crap is the same thing happened to me once when I was quite close with some Chinese neighbours of mine. Tbh you should never just say what they tell you to even if you know them well. It could always be a joke!

  justhanging  |  6

How would someone who knows no Mandarin go about looking up a *spoken* phrase in a Mandarin dictionary? It's not like the written characters have an obvious correspondence to the spoken sounds.

  white16sox  |  19

84 is correct. For example with Spanish there are different variations. There's the Spanish spoken in Mexico and then there's differences in how it is spoken in Spain and many other variations. With online translators they mix all of those variations and make a strange sentence.

  saksxalmo  |  20

#38-- Mandarin dictionaries aren't organized exactly like that. The words are organized by their pronunciations in something called "pinyin". So yes, she could have looked it up only knowing the pronunciation.

Even if the OP didn't know that, she could have just looked up the word for "Hello" in Mandarin and compared it with what she was saying...

  saksxalmo  |  20

#84-- That's why you check reliable sources (I won't post them here because I don't want to be a link whore) or check multiple sources to see what the consensus is. It's not impossible to learn about other languages online, you know. That's how I've been doing it for the languages I'm learning...

  meihua  |  19

34 ever heard of pinyin?
And google never works. Bad grammar, wrong characters, it's a word for word translation so it's generally horribly wrong
Edit: it won't share my Asian swearing characters. Darn

  Quidikic  |  9

145-For the sake of future human reading comprehension abilities I prey that was a typo and you actually meant to say 'friends.' If not, please in the time to come read each FML with the utmost attention before commenting something in which makes you appear as a complete imbicile.

By  gurly98  |  13

Oh idk what to say

  nofearjenshere  |  12

^ Nope, but nice guess. That's like saying I'd hope to get a lot of thumbs up by mentioning Justin Beiber. Am I really the only one out there that starts singing when I hear a phrase from a song?

  angelk12  |  6

Some of you FMLers are so quick to come to conclusions. Maybe saying something about Bruno Mars is something you'd think someone would do to get thumbs but MAYBE just maybe, and I'm sure this is hard for some of you to believe, maybe she actually does start singing the song? Really. Not everyone is alike.


I agree with #163. One day when you jump to a conclusion on some random comment, you'll be proven wrong. Then you'll just make an ass out of yourself- and I am not just talking about this thread, I mean in general on FML. I've learned this lesson when I had first got an FML account.

  bitch_pleez  |  10

5, I'm taking mandarin at my high school, and we always mess with each other and tell people the wrong stuff, but we're all still friends. Friends mess with friends, that's life.

  Isabelana  |  5

I don't know about you, but I don't think it's really the norm to expect your friends to trick you like that, especially if you go a month saying it and they don't do anything.

By  Finnick_fml  |  12

It took a month for you to realize...?
Did you really get NO weird looks/laughs?
Well. Impressive that it they held that up for so long without cracking up :) You need new friends, OP.

  lucy_lue  |  9

Don't take it so seriously. My friends and I do that sort of thing to each other.
Two of them would talk in Japanese and pretend to be talking about me, but really just be commenting on the weather.

You have to just laugh it off.