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By lashless - 22/05/2010 20:32 - United States

Today, while getting ready for a friend's wedding, I was curling my eyelashes. My cat decided to jump onto the towel rod. As I went to catch her, I ripped all the eyelashes out of one eye. I called my boyfriend crying. When he saw me, he laughed and said, "You look really surprised in that eye." FML
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That sucks OP. But u can always get some false ones til they grow back (:

I feel bad for laughing, sorry about that OP.


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OW. I would die if that happened. FYL, OP.

Oh jeez that must hurt :( Get some Latisse!

ouch.. that would look very stupid

thread Jack? nah. YDI for having eyelashes, and a cat. -waits for Sean-

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hahaha sean someone insulted your *******!!

cute bathroom Jess. Damn, this was always my worst nightmare. Everytime I curl, I am cautious to my surroundings.

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txt me peeps 1530 613 9984

ha now you look like you in a clockwork orange sux to be you

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damn that sucks I'd die if my eye lashes rip out everyone compliments mine idk what I'd be without them.

fyl op your boyfriend is a dick, but a really funny dick

Haha that's funny eye think everyone will get a good laugh and it's always good to make people smile! ps. cats are cool!

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Sean,how many cats do you have?!?

Of course not, I could never play favorites. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

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Lol so the cats in your picture areall 3 of them? I thought it was just one cat.

60- You remind me of a younger Nina Dobrev. Just sayin' :)

EW 40 put some clothes on . I just threw up.

64 i love nona dovrev! Just by the way haha

lol damnn that must hurt this is why i dont curl mine (: theyre natural babe! haha jess u look so pretty as always (: uhmm uhmm yeah.. use false ones (:

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WAIT who's Nina Debrov?? i'm gonna look her up rite now

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oh ok she's the chic from vampire diaries.. yea she's pretty so I'll take it as a compliment. Thanx Jessie :)

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16 is trying way too hard to impress people

You're welcome BB :) And thanks Rushiee, you do too! Love your dress! :) And yes I love Nina Dobrev too!

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omg I hate comments it keeps going to the end, but I said Hey Jessie, didn't you get in trouble for what 16 is wearing. that's unfair :/

well then.. you should do it on the other eye as well, just to make it balanced.

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Not much, a white bikini top

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Lmao sry to hear or see that OP! :(

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third is the one with the treasure chest

Oh yeah well mine was a white bra. Whatevs it's over and I'm done bitching about it lol

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then you actually should be called Seanredcat. Can't be both. Allegiance and Loyalty are everything IN everything.

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3rd is the one with the hairy chest!

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lol I understand it's done and over with but she's also a minor it's not fair for you but yea it's whatever just felt I had to get that out lol

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you should "accidentaly" drop the cat into a vat of boiling vinegar. then go get se fake lashes. afterwards you should strap down your BF and remove his lashes and eyebrows. see how the mofo likes it.

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um 16 has no pic anymore. minors can't put up overexposed pics. so... I guess I missed the 1st 2nd & 3rd train by a lot... soooooo *whistles & slowly walks away* /(•.• ). (*_* )/

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Jessie really gets some good charactoristics. Nice girl. :)

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Omg that would be terrible :(

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Getting ready for a wedding and trying to go after a cat doesn't work man.

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lol fyl but this is funny as shit

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raleigh!!!!! :D thanks jess! (: 16... tsktsktsk... everyone goes through this haha

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eww no one wants 2 c ur pale untoned stomach and empty bikini top :(

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Looks like hes gonna be the one surprised when he finds out he aint gettin head tonite. Just dont let him rape you... unless ur into that sorta thing

lol amagine this exsept with your arm pit hairs or your pubes

I have 2 and my friends call me the cat lady  I like dogs too but my parents bought me them when I was 13.

i know raleigh ): oh well.. i still said it (:

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Yes, you did :] Rushiee, are you actually from Russia?

yessir (: well technically from europe/russia since its belarussia/ belarus whatever but ya (: came to america when i was 2

Raleigh_bruh 7

No, Loren. Ok, Rushiee. So were you raised learning Russian or English? If you were raised speaking Russian I want you to teach me.

im not on the laptop right now so i cant msg you but i can email/ text if that works for ya

Raleigh_bruh 7

Ah, cool (: English was the second language I learned, so I'd assume I had a harder time than you with school and such. Anywho, ok that's cool. Humm, I'll just give you my info in a message and whenever you get around to checking them you'll see it. Don't wanna put my info and shit up on this thread :P.

what was your first language? hmmm russians pretty easy actually ive just been here too long to understand some words and such. im learning spanish its not hard really; i have good pronunciantion just the conjunctions are like ARGHHH u know? lol i was gonna say! haha dont want random ppl to jack valuable information :0

Raleigh_bruh 7

My first language is Spanish. People look at me and automatically assume I'm black (Loren), but I'm actually not. If you were to see my sister, you'd think one of us was adopted because we look nothing alike haha. I heard Russian is friggin hard :o I hope I can pick up on it easily though. Good Spanish pronunciation will come with time if you speak it frequently (: just keep at it. Ahaha, seriously. There are some weird people on here :P. I sent you a message though.

thats so cool though!!! ive never heard of a spanish speaking black guy! :D thats like people hearing of a black russian which there are!! ha loren would :p well it is if youre just learning it.. i think its easy cause i speak it but thats just me i think if u speak spanish itll be a lil easier for you (: i have great pronunciation! lol im just not so good at remembering the sentences cuz my teacher suckss haha specially the creepy trollers :0 !!!

Raleigh_bruh 7

Lmao, I rarely speak Spanish anymore though. It only comes out now when I'm frustrated or pissed off at something, or when I feel like messing with people lol.. But when it does come out, it's vicious >:) Haha, black Russians :P. Loren thinks he knows everything *shakes head* Well, I hope you can teach me to speak it pretty good (: cause I'm really serious about learning. I had to take a foreign language class back in high school, so I chose Spanish cause I figured I'd ace it easily. Lol.. I failed so bad :( It's because the Spanish they teach in schools is different from what I grew up speaking/listening to. The Spanish I know is mix with bits of French and such. But if your teacher sucks, I could teach you some Spanish :P.

im serious! there was a russian black preacher at my church once it was so legit! lol you should cause i dont think im gonna go around askin people " would u like some pollo?" or whatever? ha honestly :p he thinks hes cool lets leave it at that ha (; i would love to teach you! but some of the words have weird pronunciations and u'd have to hear it out loud to try & say it right spanish/french sounds flipping awesome ha! same here! i only cuss in russian when im mad or whatever its not oo bad but people think im gonna kill em or something haha (:

that would help me so much princesspessa! :D WTF AFP?!?!? grrr!

Raleigh_bruh 7

I couldn't even imagine how a black Russian would look haha, or sound :o lol. Ahah, "would you like some pollo" rofl.. Wtf Russhiee hah. Ok well what I gave you in your message will help with the me hearing the weird pronunciations part :] Yah, Spanish mixed with French is it's own language. It's called Creole, but it has different dialects. The one I happen to speak just has Spanish&French in it, but I throw in English sometimes to really make people shit bricks trying to figure it out (: LMAO.. I'd love to hear you cuss someone in Russian, that sounds awesome. They just back away in fear :P.

haha it sounds sweet imagine russian words with black guy accent sooo legit! lol ahaha pollo is chicken if im not mistaken haa ill be sure to check that out like tomorrow (: oh for real? thats niicee! dad tells me ispeak like village belarussian not russian but very close to it hes like "omg ur abnormal!" haha im like nooooo! its so much fun cussing someone out in russian! theyre like.. ohh shit! hahha (: best way to tell em to **** off ahaa good plan! i would do that, but you can tell the difference way to easy haha (:

Conversation Intercepted by Loren Sturos! and he's streaking down the sideline for a pick six! Touchdoooooown!!! ^^^ Paul Allen VoiceOver 

loren are u feeling left out? lol raleigh receiving love is too much to bear yes i know haha (: i kidd i kidd, :D

Raleigh_bruh 7

Haha, black guy accent :P. Pfft, in that case imagine a black guy speaking French (: Yes, pollo is chicken lol, but that whole sentence was just full of awesome so I had to laugh. Ok, be sure to check it out then, like tomorrow :] Ahaha maybe you are abnormal :P. What is the difference between Belarussian and Russian? I think I'll have to add that to my list of why I want to learn Russian haha. I want to just walk up on someone and cuss them straight out in Russian and watch their reaction. Have you ever been back to Russia? I'm sure you have family and such over there.

french black guys would be hott (: in my opinion anyway ha lol i honestly would say that!! haha any given day i would! just to be all "cool" or whatnot (: but thanks lol or if someone was working in mickyd's " would u like some papas fritas with that?" ahaha well then i will check it out like, tomorrow(; well since belarus is on the border, they have a modified version same as ukrainian, but simply russian would be easier i think haha i would wanna be there to see it! that would be hilarious!! lol yeah i have relatives on my dads side & grandparents from my moms. going back in a few days to be a bridsmaid for my aunt(: i went back earlier.. but i was 8 haha so ya :D

Crap I must've fumbled the ball, you guys are still talking

loren- read above comment adressed to you lol no need to be jealous (;

Raleigh_bruh 7

Well you're looking at one who can speak it (: I'm still learning but I can speak it somewhat lol. Haha, you would say what to sound cool, would you like some pollo :P? Lol, I would laugh if the guy you asked for french fries started carrying on a whole conversation in Spanish and then you just get completely lost (: Don't forget to look at that, like tomorrow :] (this is going to go on forever ahaha) Oh, so it basically has a lot of different dialects just like Spanish? Can you speak Ukrainian as well? You will be there, you're my teacher after all lol. I'm going to need to know if I'm saying everything right or if I'm making myself look like an idiot :P. Ooo, I bet you're excited (: I'd love to go to Russia one day, but I've always wanted to go to Japan also so I guess I'll have to pick between the two. Maybe you can tell me how it is over there some day :)

ispitflames 3

Well I speak German...Saugen sie bitchs! Ich gewinnen! Und oh mein rushie sie gut aussehen!

ahh well its hot just saying (; aha yes! i totally would sound cool sayin that! & i do not set my standards to work at mickyd's raleigh! lol such little faith tsktsk! ha but ya id be like "wait.. u wanna repeat ur order??" lol i wont forget to look at it like, tomorrow. (haha i know right??! (: ) yeah it has like 10 different dialects, like polish is one of em maybe, siberian is one& etc etc :p oh noo ukrainian i cant lol i understand it alright but cant speak it well; im like 1/10 ukrainian bah lol you would do great i bet(: throw some spanish & french in there and noone would tell haha i am super excited!! lol its gonna be great!! hmmm china or whatever is a toughy id rather go to greece tho its so pretty (: hmm ill send postcard& u can choose lol

ispitflames- translate please? (: im too lazy to go on google translate at the moment lol yes i do use it! ....... sometimes haha (:

ispitflames 3

aw why?? lol come on i wanna know (:

Raleigh_bruh 7

Well thank you :P. You would sound like a dork saying that, haha (: Still funny though, lol. Whaaa?! I never said you had low enough standards to work at MickeyD's! I was just trying to make a funny, but failed miserably I see haha. Make sure you don't or I'm going to hurt you, like tomorrow :] (I wonder if people are pissed off yet lol) Blahh, 1/10 is nothing lol. So what other languages can you speak then? I'm curious. Well thank you :) lol the French and Spanish would bail me out if I start ******* my Russian up too bad, hah. You'll have to tell me all about then when you get over there :) LOL nobody said anything about China :P. I don't know, both China and Japan both seem a little too crowded for my tastes lol. Not hating on any asians reading this though, haha. Greece does look awesome. Yes, send me something back so I can make up my mind (: I'm really indecisive when it comes to trivial things like this.

ispitflames 3

S-e-c-r-e-t. Thatss whyyy ;D

lol your welcome! (: haa shut up the coolest dork ever ohh!! lol nahh i was just saying (: ill make sure dont you worry or else ill hurt you back like, tomorrow (; (they might be cuz its gonna get longer & longer haha the convo! ) hmmmm english haha just those two and a little spanish :p they probly would i wouldnt doubt it but i wish u luck in not butchering the russian lol ill send u a msg telling u how great it is everyday.. maybe lol myy bad i read it wrong (: they are though! ppls is baby boomers (: hmmmm well i would choose the calmest place personally cuz i wouldnt have a headache (: & no "bears roamin the streets & ppl walking around in big fur coats" haha i hate making hard decisions!

but thats no fun! (; please?? i know u wanna! (; lol

ispitflames 3
Raleigh_bruh 7

I guess you are the coolest dork ever haha (: Well I'm just saying too :P. I'm not worried about you hurting me back, you just make sure you check, like tomorrow (: (gah, who cares if they are lol.. they don't have to read it if it annoys them haha) Humm, ok. Well let me teach you advanced Spanish and French then you can be a cool kid like me :P. If you teach me well enough I won't butcher it lol. So make sure you do a good job :] Well now that you said it, you'll have to send me a message EVERYDAY :). I won't let you forget >:] Forrealskies. Either they're having sex too much or just too many are popping out at once, I don't know haha. Well, I started teaching myself Japanese, so if I don't go to Japan I'll have wasted all this time trying to learn it ahah. Lmao, why do people say that about Russia? The whole bears in fur coats thing, haha.. It's funny though (: I hate making decisions most days period lol.. Too many to make. But hey, I'm about to get off this so I can get to work in about 6 hours (: when you get my message tomorrow you'll know what to do from there :P. By the way, what is your name if you don't mind me asking?

dont hate hah (: alright i will i promise like, tomorrow (they can suck it ha ) alright ill be super cool now like raleigh.. only a cool-er dork ohhh (: haha dont worry ill teach you super well so u wont trip over what ur sayin (: ohmyy everyday!! haha if i dont get around to it ill send 2 lol im scared now! lolz they might be u never know!! one after the other!! haha eww not a pretty image lemme tell u that! :p you have fun learning japanese i wanna learn korean! haha oh damn that would suckkkk!! i need to sleep too i have church in the mornin! shoot! lol have fun at work (: im galina lol im named after my gramma (:

stereotypes :0 lol desicions suckkk ispitfire- noooo tell me! lol i hate suspence this is why google is my friend (: haha omg wtf afp!!!

Raleigh_bruh 7

Pshh, why would I hate on you :P. Good, and it better be first thing, like tomorrow (hah, that was a good one) Well I consider myself a nerd more so than a dork, but if I was a dork I'd be cooler than you (: just saying, heh. Thank you teacher, I trust you :] Yes, everyday! Don't worry, you'll get around to it (: Don't be scared just be aware, haha. Lmao, that was an awesome mental image lol. You're nasty :P. I think Korean is like twice as hard to learn than Japanese, don't quote me on that though lol. Have fun at church (: I usually fall asleep at church, but I kind of want to start going again since I haven't been in awhile. Blehh, work is ghey :/ Oh, Galina is a pretty name :]. Well, I'm Raleigh obviously haha. But ok, talk to you later Galina :). Goodnight.

ispitflames 3

Suspence suspence ahhh. Damit Ihr Name ist Galina? Ich dachte, es war eigentlich Rushie haha, aber trotzdem galina ist ein ziemlich name (:

i donnow cuz im super cool like that haha stop stressin ull get wrinkles if i dont check it like, first thing tomorrow (ha suck on that!) lol i get called nerd more too! so dork is new for me cuz i read in the summer hehe always trust your teacher they know best lol lets hope so(: one msg per day bout random stuffs i think i can handle that (: haha image: gross erasing that from my mind! lol well u never knoww! to each his/her own learning abilities or junk :p haha i will i sit in choir so i cant sleep lol depends what ur job is mickyd's? lol (; jkjk thank you i like yours! i keep thinking imma spell it wrong but i never do lol nice to meet you raleigh(: goodnight & spi sladko (sleep sweetly) (:

ispitflames- tell me nowww!!!! lol si me llamo es galina tu gustaria da? (: i feel so left in the dark ha im using google tomorrow thats it! lol (:

ispitflames 3

Hahahah(: oh it was nothing! I was just talking shit about Russia people ;)

ispitflames 3

I'm jokinggg :) but hmmm one question..... Are all Russians as beautiful as you? I just wanna knowwww :p

i dont get the point when u know something is fake Ydi.....doesnt make u look better.

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haha OP's boyfriend ftw. he's a keeper!!

lol aww (: some are prettier but thank you (: well to be honest i havent seen a handsom german guy so kudos to you(;

ispitflames 3

lol your welcome(: Well actuallyy im only like 10% German :P but I decided to learn German instead of retardeddd Spanish like everyone else :p but anyways thankss ;)

that is why false eyelashes were created anyways... for those with thin or no eyelashes

ispitflames 3

212 - how was i not speaking German? i was lol

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at least it wasn't youre wedding

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OP should give her boyfriend a black eye to match her "surprised" eye. lol

That sucks OP. But u can always get some false ones til they grow back (:

Don't you have to have eyelashes to attatch the false one to? haha.

Oh yea I didn't even think about that, nevermind lol XD

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WTF!!! You look suprised?!? okakkay

Wow!! Try Wearing Some Eyeliner, and Ppl Will Think U Have Eyelashes !! idk How Hard Did U Pull Tho?? lol I Cant Even Imagine That. --- Do Eyelashes Grow Back??

Hey Whats Up Are You Trying To Quote The Title of An Extremely Long Book Or Do You Just Think Youre Cool Like That?

Well **** The Commenting System is gonna make me look like an idiot now...

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#16 you got a niiiice body girl!!

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8's like 15ish... I think. I think I just read that in an FML while playing catch up with FML. & now i'm caught up.