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Today, the coworker I've had a crush on for the past few months asked me if I was busy Friday night. I was so excited, I immediately replied, "I thought you'd never ask!" He gave me a funny look and said, "Good, because I need you to take my shift." FML
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  subwaysurfers  |  13

I'm not usually a grammar nazi but I apologize. I'm going for it.
Tell him you're so excited about it because you need the extra money. It removes the awkwardness. **
Have a good day :)

By  mal2012  |  4

:-O! Wow. Sorry OP. shouldnt make u feel bad... He just doesnt know u like him. "hints" arent a good way to expect any guy to "kno" how u feel... Its ok.

  Michael_92  |  20

So you spelled out "know" right the first time but the second time was to hard? However, it wasn't because you used quotes which usually take more time.

  mal2012  |  4

Yu guys are harsh. Jeeezz it was an accident.... Picky ppl. N i was being nice. I dont want OP feeling bad bc some guy she liked dissed her. He probably doesnt even know. Lol u wasted comments to correct my GRAMMAR on a social website?!?

  matt_mcg  |  2

79 - There comes a point when your abbreviations just become indecipherable to a point where we will need to make a movie starring Tom Hanks just to figure out what you are saying.

  Bpwoods  |  6

I would've taken it, you might get him to like you a little more, or maybe just make him think you're a little less weird... Either way is seemingly beneficial.

  mrnuleef  |  7

Lol my penis did bring me there sharpie23. "What can i say? I like the way your put together. Maybe later on we can go out and have some chicken, maybe some sex?"

  domking1315  |  20

19- you shouldve stopped after the first sentence
45- click on 5's picture and read what she said
But its still creepy and i dont get the rest of 19's comment

By  subwaysurfers  |  13

Aww. Well since he gave you a funny look, it seems that he has no clue as to what you were on about so he most likely doesn't know or have the slightest clue that you like him.

.........Or am I reading into things a bit too much?

By  laurenlovesjb  |  20

I would do the same thing! Don't worry OP, that was a bad way to ask, and if you ask me, he knew it and was looking forward to your embarrassment:) Just stay away from him, and find some true friends!