By Dumbdumb - 15/02/2010 14:29 - United States

Today, at work, a really hot guy came up to me and asked, "What are your hours?" Excited, I told him I get off at 4, but might be able to get out sooner. He started laughing and then said, "I meant your store hours." He turned around and walked away, shaking his head and laughing. FML
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hahaha aww, fail. poor you.

That guy is kind of a dick for laughing while walking away


hahaha aww, fail. poor you.

I would totally agree!! :p

Yep. There's really not much more to say. I guess you already know how desperate you sounded. Stuff happens. You'll survive and hopefully will be a little more cautious next time.

Imnewhere 21

oOo so close but fail

what did u think he meant? I mean it's really not possible you could be actractive at all.

boyguydudemalema 0

"Excited" ?? sounds desperate to me.

we call this a classic *dial tone* moment.... :) you'll live

taketheepill 0

cute as in being so funny that milk is transformed into juice as zombiebunnies laughs so hard? then yeah

americuzz 8

omg that sucks op.

Hahaha aww, fail. Poor you. Don't sweat about it, we all have those dumb moments from time to time.

I don't get why ur not in the kitchen

hahaha omg! made me laugh so hard. that would be really embarracing tho

alliewillie 22

No, what's embarrassing is how you spelled "embarrassing"...

NGM_47 0

It's not that bad, I would have said the same thing because I would have assumed he wanted a job there...

She didn't think he wanted a job, but a date.

NGM_47 0

I know, I just said that because I would have said the same thing, regardless of the person being a guy or girl.

what are your hours? and what time do you get off? are two very different questions.

@NGM ..WTF do your personal hours have to do with someone wanting a job there?

YeahFMLxX 0

@NGM My Christ! You look like a troll!

Guy: What are your hours? Girl: I get off at four, I may be able to slip out sooner. Guy: ...I meant your store hours. Girl: (long silence) No you didn't. *gives creepy smile and walks away* I think he could have been more specific though.

TheBreaKer_fml 0

what are you talking about?

AxCxDxDx 0

slap yourself

#4 idiot...that's what op said, no need to repeat!

@43. not really he changed the last part

@ 4.. he also probably could've looked on the door of the store or something...but that would've made sense.

That guy is kind of a dick for laughing while walking away

no that man is hilarious!!!!! hahahahahah I think I would laugh till I peed

jamiebuczko 0

I agree with 101 lmao!

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poor you omg at least you dont know him and he probably missed out on something hell regret so hdi for being a dushe and #3 arent you a guy u would get all exicited that a guy was asking u out on a date 0.o

good spelling of douche you pathetic 12 year old girl

umm @ nnumber 6 number 3 did not say he would be excited about a guy asking him out on a date. Dont put words in other ppls text. But anyways LOL

Dushe? The mispelling of this word has now reached new levels.

NGM_47 0

My comment to this keeps disappearing! Anyways, #3...I never said that, I said that I would have said the same thing because I would have thought he wanted a job. Way to read. Thanks, #40!

agree with 53. third time I've seen it spelt that way on this site...

NGM_47 0

I meant #6....not #3. I failed =/

@6 if he laughed and walked away, he didn't miss out he opted out. and you can't regret not dating someone you don't know, because you won't know what you're missing out on. I hate that pity phrase because it makes no sense.

That's why you always verify what it being implied.

Sun_Kissed18 25

Wow, if someone "always verified what was being implied" it would get so annoying!

mcgugs 0

meh, my dad does it every quesion I ask him...really makes the day drag on

imchanel 0

he should have been mote specific. lol FYL

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8 just tell her and walk away without laughing. it's already bad enough for her.

:( sorry OP, we all have those moments, cheer up!

xundria 5

YDI for thinking you can get a date!!!111oneone11!eleventy (amidoinitrite?)

ur doin it rite!