By Anonymous - 03/12/2010 21:18 - Argentina

Today, a guy I've liked for a while asked if he could talk to me during break. He'd never done that before, so I was excited and said yes. As soon as we both sat down, he asked if I'd help him get a date with my best friend. FML
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So set them up on a date, but tell them each different times. Then they'll both think the other stood them up & you'll have a chance to move in on him yourself! Disclaimer: I am not to be held liable for any repercussions of this extraordinarily half-baked plan should you actually choose to follow it. Unless of course you end up hooking up with the guy. You can totally blame me for that.


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Sounds both embarrassing and depressing. You've just experienced the utter futility of getting your hopes up for anything. Hope is such a waste of effort, especially in a horrible universe such as this one. Oh God, I'm so depressed. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

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it's happened to the best of us.

8-We need to make out. OP-It's okay especially if you've never really talked to him before I mean it'll be depressing. ORRRRRRRR you can tell him that of course you'll help him but secretly sabotage his attempts till he falls for you or figures it out and thinks you're a bitch. I would think your friend is okay with this since you like him.

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Soo?? Your like half a billion other girls on this site??

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ya, well that happens to alot of people and it SUCK

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Some things aren't meant to be now, but maybe later.

I bet you he is trying out reverse psychology on you. Or he just wants to **** your best friend. One if the two.