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Today, I woke up next to my girlfriend. I was woken up by my mother breaking into my house to tell me I need to get ready for work. Then she got mad that I had a girl over. I'm 20. FML
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Perhaps it's time for mommy to let go of baby. Because baby is 20 and baby can make his own decisions. Simplify it for her. Or else you will have to start wearing diapers and needing bottles.


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faith in humanity restored

#6 Your picture is very fitting to your comment...

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"For God's sake, Ma, I'm 26 years old! " "Excuse me, Mr. Grownup! What do you want for breakfast?!" "Chocolate milk and Eggos, please!"

"I hope to god you used protection, i don't want you getting one of those fancy new sex diseases, i share a toilet with you!"

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"Have you met my mother? I live in Jewish Hell"

If it was Howard's mom, she would've told him to get ready for school.

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She was mad because it was a school night and he had friends sleeping over.

Perhaps it's time for mommy to let go of baby. Because baby is 20 and baby can make his own decisions. Simplify it for her. Or else you will have to start wearing diapers and needing bottles.

Let's get him a bib for his birthday! (:

It's time to choose the main woman in your life

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I get the feeling my mother would do something like this to me. I sympathize, and FYL.

mom will always be a man's number one woman no matter what

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She's certainly making sure of that by breaking into his house. Yikes

74: not necessarily... Not unless he plans on living with her the rest of his life. There's a time in a child's life when they need to be on their own to grow. There's nothing wrong whatsoever with loving your mother, but some moms take it a little too far. If OP is living on his own and is 20, then it's time for Mom to cut the apron strings.

How is 74 getting thumbed down!? That was sweet!

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Perhaps its time for "baby" to get his own pad. Mom's house, mom's rules...

#139 op said his mom broke in, which implies they already have their own pad. Mums just a little crazy. #74 there's a lot of cases where that's not true and probably for the better.

No matter what age, you will always be mommy's little boy. However, that is still a little much...

"I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always, As long as I'm living my baby you'll be." That "Love You Forever" book made cutting the apron strings tough for some!:P

Never did like that book, I couldn't read those lines out loud without gagging. I love my kid and my kid she will always be, but gotta cut that cord sooner or later. My over protective parent was my dad, and the reason I went to a college out of state-close enough I could get home if something happened, but too far away for him to just drop in.

she sounds like an overly attached mother

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Sounds like alotta... HOOPLAH!

She broke into your house just to tell you that? Has she never heard of a phone?

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Amish mom with boundary issues?

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She seriously needs to get over you leaving, talk to her about it and install deadbolts everywhere...

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bellow this comment will be some very poor puns, I bet you!

I think all your puns aren't breaking through.

Yo momma is so fat she sat on a dollar to try to help your comment make cents.

Yea... OP seriously needs to break through the chains his mom has on him.

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all your puns are belong to us.

Obviously you missed the part where OP said "his house" but that's what happens when you don't take 5 seconds to read the fml.

He can't see through all that hair, man.

Honestly I think that it's pretty damn impressive that this guy has his own house at age 20, even if the bills are split.

Here. Let me fix that for you, 11. "Time to move out of the country?"

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Don't worry. At least she cares about you enough to wake you up for work!

but at this point, it sounds like a much more selfish pursuit rather than a selfless one.