By Anonymous - India
Today, I finally got the courage to ask out the guy I've liked for a long time. He's a cashier at a grocery store. It was about 1am and I was his last customer, everything seemed just right. Just when I was about to ask him to the movies, a drunk girl stumbles in and asks him out. He said yes. FML
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  Desapig  |  0

What if they were teenagers? Cashiering isn't a bad job for a 16-18 y.o.

Also OP, YDI for not asking him out sooner, procrastinating, and therefore allowing someone else to swoop in.

  McA513M  |  0

I'm pretty sure #3 wasn't be racist unlike you #18. He probably was just surprised that a person from India uses FML.
Oh, and OP: If he accepts to go out with a drunk girl, how good he really be as a date? I'm sure there are many other fish in the sea!

  Saromo  |  0

#18; I'm pretty sure he was just surprised FML is used there, like the other person said.
People are better and smarter there?
Ofcourse, that's why there's so many kids living on sewer islands.

  H2Row  |  0

Those who are saying how surprised that people in India are using FML are the racist ones here. Sewer islands? That's just what the media is showing you.

And OP, I wouldn't stress about a guy who says yes to a drunk girl.

  Mihir  |  1

#60 u fuckin racist. Thats what the freakin slumdog movie showed u. Probably you should watch this - "The New India [Part 1]"

  metheonlyb  |  17

Nicely put Mihir. That fucking asshole called Danny Boyle or whatever his name is showed some shit about India and the racists bastards here believed it. Indians are damn smart and more intelligent than these fucking White Supremacists!

FUCK YOU #60 You are a bitch!

  theodivine  |  0

That sucks. :[ Getting cock blocked always sucks. He probably only said yes because she was drunk and easy. Plus, why is working at a super market lowly? Who knows, these people could be teenagers, so what's the big fucking deal? I hope someone gives you a fucking Puerto Rican Fog Bank, if you can even get a real person to take their clothes off and climb on, that is.