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Today, I discovered that I have been falsely accusing my sister of stealing my makeup. How do I know this? Because I found said makeup in the trunk of my boyfriend's car, next to a bag that had fishnet tights and red stilettos in it. Oh, and the stilettos are his size, in case you were wondering. FML
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Hahaha, I don't know who got the shittiest end of the stick: you, your boyfriend or your sister. That'll be some awkward family conversations. Good luck.

pcentral 17

I want a gentleman in the streets, but a freak in the bed...?


Hahaha, I don't know who got the shittiest end of the stick: you, your boyfriend or your sister. That'll be some awkward family conversations. Good luck.

Wouldn't that have to be a triple ended stick then?

Curiosity got me. Is a stick defined as only having two ends?

stick[ stik ] noun 1. a branch or shoot of a tree or shrub that has been cut or broken off. 2. a relatively long and slender piece of wood. 3. a long piece of wood for use as fuel, in carpentry, etc. That's from I don't see anything about only having 2 ends so I guess a stick can indeed have 3 ends...

I'm really not sure how I feel about this FML...

49-Then why bother commenting?

Yeah it's awkward but why are we blaming the bf? He might have a problem, or maybe he just thinks its fun to dress up! I'm a girl but sometimes I dress up as a guy just because it's fun to see that I could be a guy even though I'm a relatively pretty girl!

imvanessa917 4

my friend dresses as a chick and hes a sexy one but im also a chick so im a lol wtff lol but yea he may just find it fun to wear chcks clothes and make up look up shanedawsontv shane dawsontv2 and sane on youtube

You never seen a stick that splits into a Y?

61- is that why Bieber is your picture? So either way you dress up it's accurate?! Just curious.

63- what a waste of precious commenting space for an unrelated run-on sentence.

Could be ****** with people, jack in the jill...

63- I'm torn between thumbing you down for your unrelated grammatically incorrect comment.. Or thumbing you up for your mention of Shane Dawson. I'll go with thumbing you down.

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According to the name, she already did.

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You should still call him...ya know, for make up tips and shopping!


Maybe he's a Sweet Transvestite. ;)

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DollyDope 17

Agreed. If he is great in every other way then this doesn't need to be a deal breaker. OP just needs to open up to her boyfriends eccentric alter ego (our secret drag written career). At least give"her" a chance :)

I agree too! I think it was a good comment. Those thumbs down were probably for the picture... Ah well, I thumbed you up! :P

judging by her user name she already did dump him

Just because he cross dresses doesn't mean he isn't the same guy you are dating. Like everyone else said. If he's a nice guy then who cares if he has this one quirk. Apparently cross dressing is a lot more common then everyone thinks.

bertman21 5

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72 - cross dressing is no good reason to break up with someone if they haven't done anything else wrong. I'm kinda sick of the ignorance I'm seeing on this FML.

The stealing is the only dumpable offense I see here. I don't think it's common, but some guys that like to dress up in women's clothes are straight. Why not try talking to him instead of crapping all over him. He may be really shy about the whole thing and couldn't figure out how to buy makeup when he was wearing men's clothes. He could have been terrified that you'd dump him if you knew he liked those clothes. Be a cool dude, lady, and actually talk to the guy.

LiesAndMischief 4

80 - Actually, studies say that most crossdressers are straight. So it is, in fact, common. Otherwise, I agree with your comment whole heartedly. If a guy dumped his girlfriend for dressing too "boyish", then most people would say he was a jerk. But God forbid if a guy dresses too "girly".

Katy326 10

I don't know about OP, but I'm not bisexual. I want to date men, not men dressed as women. He may still be a nice person, but that's not the type of person I'd be willing to date. Especially if he'd been trying to hide it while stealing my makeup.

I thumbed you down just because you have jb at the end of your name. I don't like Justin Bieber, so therefore I don't like your name.

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Funny how 4 got negative 31 likes and how 18 got positive 30 likes even though he agreed with what 4 said

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I want a gentleman in the streets, but a freak in the bed...?

Ah, such an old song, yet such a good one. That was when ushers music was a lot better.

Yeah! Love me some Usher ;D

I didn't not know usher did that song. He should still do stuff like that and he'd be more popular.

104- so you did know...

KiddNYC1O 20

Actually, Ludacris says that line.

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#33 I see what you did there. :D

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Username. Look at it. That was a bad comment and you should feel bad.

Am I the only one who had to check 45's page to see what gender *she* is?

bertman21 5

Squeaky chipmunk we meet again!

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No, I'm stereotyping you as a guy because of your lack of babies in a death glare avatar with a vulgar comment. I'm sorry I didn't think of a pony and unicorn loving individual.

I think 45 is really hot.

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I have to agree, I think 45 is smokin' hot.

Damn. I think you need to go into intensive care for that nasty burn.

ThePolloBandito 13

And going by your avatar picture you're an asian man.

sniperkit 10

67- AND she plays Horde! Might as well toss this one..

HM. I don't really understand why your boyfriends cross-dressing is such a big problem. If it were me, I wouldn't be bitching about something my boyfriend enjoys.

wouldn't you be shocked though? at least at first? some people just can't handle something like that, no biggy, different people different preferences. :)

Yeah I thought the same thing. Then we got married and we had a son together. Only to find out he wanted to live as a woman full time. $20k in divorce/custody proceedings later I'm beating myself up for having an open mind. Run. Fast.

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If he wants to dress up as a girl and is comfortable wearing women's clothing then so be it. As long as he's the same person on the inside that's what counts. Yes it would be a shock to hear at first, but if you really loved him you'd try to find a way to cope with who he is. At least I would hope. Hopefully OP's boyfriend (or ex) will find someone who understands him or is willing to one day.

just_dandy20 2

I agree with you! No one should of thumbed you down. #71

if he wants to dress as a girl he probably doesn't 100% want to be a man and most likely isn't 100% straight. thumb me down I don't care. ops Boyfriend clearly isn't ready for a relationship with her regardless if he's hiding this from her. I don't have anything against drag queens but that is exactly what they are! queens! not kings. it would be ridiculous to stay in a relationship with someone who wants to be a woman if you are a woman and you are straight.

Crossdressing has nothing to do with sexuality. And it doesn't necesarily mean he's a transwoman either. It's what he feels comfortable wearing. There are plenty of woman who crossdress and they don't get criticized like crossdressing men. But I can agree that he should've told OP before the relationship; because its too hard to explain himself in that kind of situation.

Some of these things sound made up. Especially this one.

Sambo267 4

Wait a sec. Don't jump to conclusions yet, maybe he's an undercover agent who plays a transvestite.

If that is in fact the case, I would break up with him and probably leave town. Refer to gta IV if you must know why...

Riiiiight. Anything is possible I guess.

11 - Twin Peaks reference?

#11, If he's a cop, he should arrest himself for theft.

Talk to him about it. Just because he wears women's clothing, doesn't mean he's swinging the other way. He may be curious, or likes the way it feels! I'd be upset that he stole my makeup though . :( A looong time ago, I remember my mom knew a couple, they came over for dinner and brought their daughter. The Dad enjoyed wearing women's clothing, so I thought that was rather odd. But they were a functional family.

no one likes the way heels feel. no one.

Werken247 14

75, were you born an idiot or did you have to work it? I know a lot of women, and a couple of guys, who love the way heels look and feel. The women say it makes them FEEL sexy, and it certainly makes them look sexy!

artmastr 0


cdelton22 3

I think heels are very fun to try to walk in. I have fallen down the stairs four times in them though. And I broke the heels. I wouldn't wear them publically unless I was trying to be stupid and run in them or something else funny

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Someone has a unique hobby in their spare time!!!!! Make sure to pick out the boy hairs from your makeup before using it... Or maybe just throw it away,, you throw it away.

40 - you're profile picture is my exact reaction right now...