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Today, the girl I like asked me to take over her shift at the place we both work at. Being nice, I readily took over. Later, I found out she went on a date with my best friend. He knows I like her. FML
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Time to get some new friends who don't backstab, hope karma does it's work


Time to get some new friends who don't backstab, hope karma does it's work


So what if the best friend liked her before OP but chose to not voice his opinion. Also I dislike how people feel they can call "dibs" on someone. If she doesn't like OP then why shouldn't she be able to go out with the person she likes? It's not backstabbing to live your life for you. What if they end up happily married until they die of old age? god forbid if someone chooses to enhance their own life despite their friends opinions. This sense of ownership on someone that isn't even dating you is ridiculous, and the fact that it prohibits others from being able to date them takes it to a new level. now I understand if she had been OPs gf and then dated his BFF. That is low and backstabbing and would be grounds to find new friends. JMO.

#66 I think its the exact opposite. Obviously it didn't work out if someone is your ex, so why shouldn't your friend be allowed to date them? But if you like someone and are trying to ask them out, but haven't yet for whatever reason, your friend shouldn't date her because it could have worked out between you two. At the very least, a friend would tell you so you don't find out from someone else.

@ #11- She's speaking Malay. What she said basically means "is this the kind of people you call friends?" I must say, she's the first person I've seen on this app that comments in a language other than English

I've seen lots of people comment in Spanish and French.

#16 - Do you speak Malay, too? Or did you google translate that? :D

Wow. Dick move by your "friend". My friends and I have an unspoken code where if we both like the same person, neither of us pursue them (and reject advances from them). It doesn't often happen though because we have different tastes in partners. Our friendship is more important.

Imo, I have no problem if me and a friend like the same person. I'm not gonna prohibit my friends from potentially finding love, just because I like the same guy. If he likes her more, that is his choice, so I'm not gonna get all offended about it: he's a human being, not an object, so I wouldn't get upset saying stuff like "I liked him first, he's mine, etc..." That is just my personal way of putting friendship first before my own wants: if my friend finds happiness with a nice guy, I have no problem supporting her. HOWEVER when stuff like that happens, we're always very open about it (letting the other person know what's up) and don't do backhanded things like OP's friend. If you and your friends have a "off limits" agreement though, that's cool too. I figure people should just go with whatever works for them.

Next time just whip out ur dick you scrawny pussy. Need to show ur manhood in these situations. Shouldve turkey slapped ur best friend until he cried and begged for mercy. You still can execute this amazing plan if you hurry!

Aw I'm sorry . Not much of a best friend. But I mean at least now you can try to move on and like someone new and know what kind of person you're friend is . At least now you don't have to waste your time and more hours means more money so treat yourself!

Dick move on your friend's part. That's against the code

You guys weren't dating, so you had no more "claim" to her than anyone else. If you don't ask her out, you've no right to complain when someone else does.

No, OP does have a right to be upset because it wasn't just a random person taking the girl he likes on a date; it was his "best friend" who knew about Op's love interest.

Obviously OP's friend liked her too, hence why he asked her out. Given that they both like her, who's interest takes precedence? The one who told the other first gets first dibs? That's just stupid. In the real world, the one who the girl chooses to date is the one who gets to date her. That's all that matters. After all, she's not just some object that one of these guys can lay claim to without any input from her, no? Her choice trumps whatever "bro code" you lot seem to think is in effect here.

This isn't a feminism issue. It's a disrespect thing for the friend, who judging from OP's comment never told OP he liked her, asked out the girl he knows OP liked. It's not that you claim the person, it's that you don't hurt your friend's feelings for a relationship if you're truly close friends. At least tell them you like the person and try to give a heads up instead of blindsiding them and having them cover a shift so you can do that.

She didn't GET a choice. A fair heads up that he was asking her out would've been the kind way to go, letting op have a chance to admit his feelings as well so she actually did get a choice. But he instead blindsided op.

33, who said anything about feminism? Were it a case of two girls wanting the same guy, my opinion would be exactly the same. 34, she did have a choice. The friend asked her out, and she accepted. That's how it works. If she were more interested in OP, or any other guy that she knows for that matter, than the friend, she could've easily declined.

karma is gonna bite him in the ass... Hard.

For asking out the girl he likes while his friend pussied out like a little bitch? I wonder what circle of hell is it.