Kids will be kids

By monkey - 19/09/2013 10:30 - United States - Logan

Today, my daughter told me she is pregnant. The father is the foreign exchange student who just moved back to Germany. FML
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Get in contact with him, let him know what's going on. Good luck.


Hope everything goes well for you in the future

das ist night gut- thats not good OP is Oma - OP is a grandma

Op ist nicht glücklich! (I speak some german so I thought I should join in)

The only thing I know how to say in German is 'potato pancake'

the only thing I know how to say is 'I love you'

All I know is alles neu (thanks to Peter Fox) and the first verse to panzerlied. I guess both could apply here, in the right context.

I have no idea what the third one (from GTAmax99 ) means and I am german ^^

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Ihr seid alle blöd, hört einfach auf mit dem verkehrtem Deutsch, und haltet euch bitte an Englisch.

33- OP isn't happy 60- I s*** in my pants 66- you are a slob/(swine) 70- hopefully, everything will be good for you 75- (alles neu)- everything new 92- that is just gruesome 101- you're all stupid, just stop with the wrong/incorrect German, and stay speaking English 114- I don't think you have all your cups in your cabinet (a German phrase for being crazy), I'm not stupid

Well, technically, #60 said he shot in his pants.

144, I corrected based on what they were trying to say :) There were some grammar mistakes...

Das ist wunderbar OP, je nach Alter natürlich, aber im Ernst, ich hoffe es stellt sich heraus, okay! I sure hope y'all learned some German and can inform the father as well!

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Get in contact with him, let him know what's going on. Good luck.

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They probably did it on a hayloft. During a thunderstorm.

anarchy94 7

yeah, like hes going to answer back anyway

91- what's wrong with a hay loft? That's how I got prego with my first baby! Lol

Personally, I'd chase him all the way back and make him take responsibility.

Well he probably doesnt even know, we cant say he tried to run from his problems.

and it's not like it's just his fault, OP's daughter had a choice.

I'm not blaming him, but I still think he needs to be informed (if he doesn't already), and made to take some responsibility.

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You can't MAKE them take responsibility. If he truly doesn't want to be involved then all he has to do is sign a paper relinquishing his parental rights. In a perfect world, he'll want to help out at least financially, but there are a lot of steps to even prove he is the father, having a court ordered DNA test, lots of hassle especially for someone overseas. It's a crummy situation, but he may not even know, but he may take responsibility too.

Evidently old enough to bear child. It really doesn't matter how old she is. As the mother made the FML about the father, rather than the daughter's age, I think we can make the assumption that she's 16+.

That made no sense at all. Your logic is just... lol

26- Evidently old enough to get pregnant could mean anything older than 12, as brutal as that is, but in my mind her daughter's age is revelant: pregnant at 18 while still living a home is a different story than pregnant entering high school :p Last I heard, exchange students were at least in their mid teens before they get shipped to a foreign country, but hopefully both of these kids were older. Op not mentioning her daughter's age doesn't guarantee she's older. I'd hate to think the exchange student was almost an adult and basically taking advantage of a child in a training bra. :p

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That's why the highschools that we've seen do exchanges go through great length to make sure females were housed with only girls in the house, and males were housed with only households with boys.

#39 Do you really think that will stop people from having sex? Also they weren't both foreign students so the fact that foreign students are seperated by gender is of little significance.

Pfft, old enough to bear children could technically be like 8 (probably even younger, I think the record is like 5 or something ridiculous but that's obviously less likely). In any case, I thought these exchanges were usually same-sex? To avoid issues like this and just because it's easier for sharing a room, sharing interests, etc.

Just because the daughter got pregnant by a foreign exchange student does not mean that her family was the one sponsoring him... They could have meet at school, or hooked up there, or anywhere in between.

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@48, read #55 comment. That's basically what I was trying to say, not that both students were exchanges, but that students were made to say with households with the same gender children. Obviously it's not going to eliminate sexual shenanigans, as #63 indicates, but it will reduce the opportunities.

We have Germans at our school right now, and one of my friends has a boy living with her

#55, the oldest parents were 8 and 9 and they lived in China

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99- the youngest person to get pregnant was a 5 year old in the 1930s. Nobody knows who the father was, but yeah. The record is 5 years old.

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@32 girls can really start their period at any age, sadly in this day and age she could be younger than 12.

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113- that 5 year old got pregnant by rape from her dad. And I'm not sure I believe this but I heard that she was 9 months old when she got her first period. And yes, it's not unusual now for girls to start younger than 10.

IworkAt711 14

The father was accused of rape, but nobody knows for sure because the girl wouldnt say who did it.

143, it is actually possible and more common than you think for a newborn infant girl to experience vaginal bleeding at birth and a few days beyond. It's because of all the hormones passed from the mother. Also baby girls can have cervical mucous again from hormones which USUALLY disappear after a couple days and don't return until puberty.

I think this requires more information. If she's young then I can understand the predicament. If she's a legal adult, then it's her choice to have a baby regardless of where the father lives. It would be human decency to let the guy know he's going to be a father, though.

Sure if she's an adult then she can do what she wants. But honestly, whether or not she is an adult she shouldn't have had a baby with some guy she doesn't know well and lives on the other side of the world. Plus, the father left back to Germany. Doesn't seem like he wants to come back.

If he's an even remotely decent person he'd want to know, and raising and providing for his child would be far more important than living in the country of his choice.

Yes, because we all choose exactly when to have a child #17. Pfft.

54 - No, we don't all choose exactly when to have a kid but if you're not ready to this degree then you either shouldn't be having sex or you should be taking a hell of a lot precautions. Yes, there's always a chance they used protection properly and got unlucky but, the fact that there's always a chance, is precisely why you don't shag the guy you don't know well and who's not even going to be in the country soon.

57-- even if she thought she knew him well and he lived in her same town, it doesn't mean the father would stick around. Granted, it would be easier to see the child and pay child support, but it does not mean he will do either.

Yes but it makes it more likely than if he's on the other side of the globe. Nothing is certain, but we make choices based on probability, not on pure worst case scenarios. Even if you have a kid with your husband of two decades, it's possible he'll be hit by lightning and die the next day, but it's still a better decision than shagging an exchange student.

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#17 if OP's daughter was an adult this probably wouldn't have been an fml just saying.

You need to have a serious talk with your daughter, and find a way to talk to the foreign exchange student. That's not right least her daughter spoke up about than keeping it a secret though.

Sorry OP, that sounds like an awful situation. Try to contact his family to let them know what's going on. Hope for the best for your and your daughter.

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he needs to keep it in his jimmies