By xOdaatx - 26/09/2011 13:01 - Australia

Today, my fiancé told me his ex-wife was 5 weeks pregnant. I was happy for her, and glad she had finally moved on. Until I found out who the father was. They're moving back in together, for the baby's sake. FML
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every1luvsboners 11

Did she come over and steal his sperm then artificially inseminate herself? That's the only logical explanation because there's no way that he would cheat on you.


Agreed! Your now-ex fiance sounds like a scumbag, OP. You're better off without him.

tpreston 0

1 & 6 are right OP you could do way better. Set a high standard someone will love you enough to meet it.

YourEvilHero 12

so you became a fiancée in 5 weeks. pretty quick don't you think?

CuteDumBlonde64 11

at #23: The original version in "moderate FMLs" said that they had been engaged several month. But just because you are engaged you are not safe from cheating.

stacianichole 2

She's not even past the first trimester yet so there is a chance the baby still could die... but then I'd say youd be pretty dumb to take him after that

6 after 114 attempts at FMLs to be accepted it only makes sense that at least one got accepted, you have told me a valuable lession. If at first you don't get it, try it 114 times.

Playful1985 9

Not with a douchebag! He needs to put money in the jar

allenye818 2

No, doofus, her fiance was cheating on her with his ex. What a douchebag. At least the OP found out what an asshole her now-ex-fiance was before she married him.

gingerftw 0

I think they moderated your comment because of your profile picture. Haha

every1luvsboners 11

Did she come over and steal his sperm then artificially inseminate herself? That's the only logical explanation because there's no way that he would cheat on you.

I'm guessing he got a life, caught up on his work. Ya know. But now he's back and people aren't hyperventilating anymore.

The ex-wife is 5 weeks pregnant due to OP's fiancé, so he did cheat on OP.

Even though that does suck for you OP, I think a newborn baby is more important. Too many single parent kids in the world.

Euhm...single parents can be as good as two parents. My boyfriend's father has run away years ago (and changed his last name so his debts went to his wife) and my boyfriend, how difficult it sometimes might be to only have one parent, prefers living without him. I think that moving back together 'because of the child' is a very bad idea. You move together because you love the other person and want to share your life with him/her. How big is the chance that this will be a crappy relationship/will end in a divorce? Being raised by one parent isn't bad (although often financial and emotional difficult), being raised by two unhappy people is. I pity that child. And you, OP. You're better off without him, but your life must be devestated now.

ReynshineCutting 10

Moving in or staying together just for the kid is a HORRIBLE idea. Then the kid gets to grow up watching his/her parents always fighting and hating each other. My step did tried to make it work with her ex forever despite his constant affairs just for their daughter but she finally said enough was enough and ended it. They're all a lot better off now.

I actually see what you guys are saying, but I still don't agree. I was raised by my mom only. And I can't say I wouldn't have loved to have had a father figure in my life, like normal kids. And if these two parents can stay together without fighting and raise their child properly, then they should by all means.

ReynshineCutting 10

Have you ever tried living with someone you hate though? I had a roommate from hell. I would never live with someone I hate for any reason ever again, regardless of the kids. My parents split up when I was 7 and I lived with my dad and visited my mom every other weekend. That was bad enough when occasionally one would badmouth the other to me. I can't even imagine living with that every day. My dad was engaged to a crazy lady a few years later and I had to listen to her scream at him all night. That's not pleasant to grow up with. Kids should never see their parents fighting and that's pretty much inevitable when the parents hate each other and live under the same roof.

"And if these two parents can stay together without fighting and raise their child properly, then they should by all means." That's true. But - knowing that this couple split up, the man was engaged to another woman, who he cheated on with his first wife -, it doesn't sound like a decent and stable relationship to me. Ofcourse, I could always be wrong, there are enough dirty cheating scumbags who evolve to a great parent - but I'm just sceptical.

ReynshineCutting 10

Some cheating scumbags can be the best dads, but don't know how to interact with a woman. That's the case with my step sis's ex. He is the best father ever to his daughter, (and even does things with my step sis's son who isn't even his), but he is a total scumbag to my step sis.

Rubbish! Happy parents are better and at least he could still be in the babies life. Move on if i was op

my parents are divorced and i havent seen my dad since i was 8. i'm fine, and mental health issues are normally hereditary/present from birth. that guy's an ass, so its better for you to break up now than pay for a big wedding then get a divorce. sorry for you though.

uh why be with someone your not happy with? the baby will see more negitivity from it and think its okay to be with someone your unhappy with all because of a kid. that's retarded. your retarded.

lesuze 5

One happy parent is far more beneficial to a child than two miserable parents. Clearly they split once before for a reason.

nixter5 18 the hell does she deserve this? Heartless bastards...

Assuming you've been together longer than 5 weeks, let her have him. If he cheated on you (the woman he planned to marry) with her, chances are good that he will cheat on her with someone else. Move on, and try to find a guy who isn't a fuckwad.

I smell a divorce... and not a pleasant one either.

Pssst FlashBurn - it says "fiancé". They aren't married.

In his future. Once a cheater, there's no turning back.

I know, I meant he'll get married one day and inevitably wind up in an unpleasant divorce. :p The send button isn't too convenient on the Android app. It's easy to accidentally send comments prematurely.

kashmanwiggar 10

Almost sounds like a Maury episode in the making. At least he was honest with you. I think it'd be worse to find out several years into the marriage.

perdix 29

One Falcon Punch and you can have that rat bastard all to yourself. Sounds like he was organizing a threesome, but scheduling difficulties caused your turn to be postponed.