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Today, a co-worker described, in vivid detail in the middle of the office, how he dribbles after peeing, and often has a burning sensation. FML
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out_of_my_head tells us more.

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The comments are hilarious! The guy in question is in his 60's, and is one of those one-up anything you say type people who talks all day. I already avoid him at all costs, this is just more reason to. Not sure why it burns, but I would assume something isn't right down there, and it's not something to brag about to coworkers! I will be lysoling my desk on a daily basis!

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You mean sharing pee-pee stories in the office isn't normal? I need to apologize to my co-workers.

I presume you must've been quite pissed off ;)


I feel like that would only be okay if you worked in a doctor's office, and even then that's pushing it.

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That's not even appropriate waiting room talk. Nobody needs to hear anybody's bathroom habits.

As long as you don't cross the streams it's fine.

I meant one doctor talking to another, or a doctor's receptionist asking the doctor. That's why I said "working in a doctor's office".

You mean sharing pee-pee stories in the office isn't normal? I need to apologize to my co-workers.

DrownedMyFish 18

Forget that! You mean to tell me that not everyone has a burning sensation afterward?!

I thought the dribble-burn was perfectly normal dinner conversation.

Tell your coworker to get that checked out.

"if it hurts when you pee then you probably got an STD" lol.

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um, STD much? ew. gross. way tmi.

That doesn't necessarily mean he has an STD there are plenty of other things it could be. Something as simple as a bladder infection or a UTI

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that would've really rustled my jimmies

Why the **** does he think anyone wants to hear about his troubles?

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He should probably see a doctor..

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Sounds like dude either has a UTI or an STD. Tell him that in front of the whole office since he don't seem to mind everyone knowing tmi about him. I bet it will shut him up pretty fast too.

Sounds like an UTI, but then again a definitive diagnosis is only confirmed by tests. OP could tell him to go and ask his doctor for a fillets catheter, Maybe then he will shut up after insertion.

olpally 32

Some people are just too honest to a fault like that. What a creepy thing to talk about. Just walk away slowly.