By out_of_my_head - United States
Today, a co-worker described, in vivid detail in the middle of the office, how he dribbles after peeing, and often has a burning sensation. FML
out_of_my_head tells us more :
The comments are hilarious! The guy in question is in his 60's, and is one of those one-up anything you say type people who talks all day. I already avoid him at all costs, this is just more reason to. Not sure why it burns, but I would assume something isn't right down there, and it's not something to brag about to coworkers! I will be lysoling my desk on a daily basis!
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  efettes  |  19

That doesn't necessarily mean he has an STD there are plenty of other things it could be. Something as simple as a bladder infection or a UTI

  Fitzinator1995  |  13

burn baby burn!

By  justmeCee  |  16

Sounds like dude either has a UTI or an STD. Tell him that in front of the whole office since he don't seem to mind everyone knowing tmi about him. I bet it will shut him up pretty fast too.

  WhiteCrimson  |  23

Sounds like an UTI, but then again a definitive diagnosis is only confirmed by tests. OP could tell him to go and ask his doctor for a fillets catheter, Maybe then he will shut up after insertion.