By g'day cunt - / Sunday 26 August 2012 18:27 / Australia - Adelaide
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  DocBastard  |  38

Really? The old "my brother posted that, not me!" excuse? Is your name Chantal by any chance?

This stands right next to "I didn't inhale" and "My dog ate my homework" as the worst excuses ever.


Where would anyone call breath spray perfume? Provide one example. Or just admit that you're wrong. You kept begging for "logic" but there is no logic behind your comments. You're painfully trying to save face and it's not working to your advantage. Yes I realize that "not everyone speaks the same", but that doesn't mean they call breath spray "perfume". The only person with a malfunction here is you. Some guys always seem to think that girls are PMSing when they get put in their place, but honestly you're just a moron.

  Ins0mau  |  20

96 - OP is from Australia, and as an Australian, I'd like to point out that I'd be pretty surprised if somewhere in my country, it was normal to call breathe spray "perfume".


K, let me be the mediator here, coz you're all acting like your precious egos are on fire. Right. Guy above me: it doesn't have to be 'normal' for people to say it. If one person says it, then that's that. Doesn't matter if other people do or don't.

Katie: go to google and put in 'perfume breath spray.' You'll get a bunch of hits. BTW, we use the whole PMS thing figuratively, don't worry about it, there's no male conspiracy or anything. This kid went about it in the wrong way but he's got a point. OP sprayed their face, there's nothing to be debated about it. Both of you are just so defensive you feel like you've gotta save face.

OP: you're a 'tard.

  fylx100  |  19

67- But I don't think Australia is a bad country. Who said people give you guys a bad name? Australians, Canadians, and the UK I think are all great people! I'm American.

  neilykins  |  28

I believe it is, and I'm talking about people also using it (and other swear words) around little children, around people who deserve respect (old army men and women), people who don't need to hear a young person shouting curse words in shopping centres and public places.

  annie_nk  |  22

Personally I find the word cunt to be really down grading. But people are still gonna use it. I can't stop people from swearing and I don't mind unless my kids hear it. There's nothing quite like a cussing toddler lol.

  neilykins  |  28

121. No, I really don't? I don't know where you got that from?

My dad is ex-army, as was both my grand-dad's therefore, I am around army people all the time.
It's just my opinion :)

  afairshake  |  8

You know I'm an American and highly insulted by your hateful comment and even sadder to see you're from Canada which is where my boyfriend lives and I will soon be living. It's a shame people like you give Canadians a bad name. Anger management maybe?

  sirpantselot  |  22

I'm not saying swearing in front of kids is fine, especially if their not your own, but if you're going to swear, there's no reason why cunt is particularly bad.

  Psych101  |  9

Same goes for hand sanitizer. It's a useful device for finding all of the previously unknown cuts on your hand.

OP, I normally wouldn't have to say this, but don't rub hand sanitizer on your lip. But since you spray perfume directly on there, who knows what else you do.

  Wishez  |  12

God damn it squeaky, I read what you said about reading your comments in a high pitched voice and now I can't stop reading them in a high pithed voice! :D

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