By Blöde Gans - United States - Ormond Beach
Today, my mom booked a family trip to Sweden. This would be great, if she hadn't asked me to tell our former German exchange student that we were coming to visit her in Germany. She was thrilled. Now I have to be the one to let her down. FML
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  guckylynn  |  19

50, a quick and cheap train ride is all they'd need to see one another. It's relatively easy to visit multiple countries when in Europe, it just takes time.

  XPhoenixFire  |  17

#42, i believe it's a Game of Thrones reference where summer lasts a lot longer than it does in our world. So a child that was born during the summer where its nice and peaceful, unlike their brutal winter, is sometimes called a "summer child." (Their summer can last multiple years). Or at least that's what i understood.

TL;DR Its pretty much like saying you're innocent

By  AnnaDeWitt  |  27

That's disappointing, but you can always visit again another time, or try to make a side trip while you're in Sweden. I'm an exchange student now so I know how it feels to have friends in other parts of the world :)

  Ashamed_Sister  |  60

Three to four hours is just from border to border. Even from the northern part of Germany like Hamburg or Berlin it's easily 10 or 12 hours to Stockholm and much more to the northern part of Sweden where you can see the midnight sun, which is one of the most common reasons to visit Sweden at this time of the year.

  buonotomato  |  20

#25 Shouldn't it be the Northern Lights? The midnight sun occurs during summertime. Like #45 said, the sun rises very little if at all in the northern parts of Sweden during winter.