By WasntMe - 17/07/2013 23:15 - United States

Today, I was at the park playing Frisbee with my friends, when I saw a boy sitting on a bench looking rather sad. "Hey!" I yelled, and he looked up at me. I lightly threw the Frisbee in his direction, and it hit him in the face. He was blind. FML
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thatdangmexican 18

Not your fault. There's no way you could've know.


it was a good... conversation starter?..

You must have made his head spin! At which point did he disc-lose to you that he was blind?

I hope you see that those puns are not okay.

thatdangmexican 18

Not your fault. There's no way you could've know.

Am I the only one who thinks these grammar Nazis are ridiculous? He missed ONE leter......

\ 28

If he wasn't wearing goggles and his eyes appeared normal, OP isn't at fault.

34. The difference between rape and rap is one letter...

41, like my sister, she is considered legally blind but can still a little bit, not much. In order to play catch, we usually use a neon yellow volley ball, so she can see it, we had the same color in a soft ball before, but it was a little too small. But she bikes around confidently, I would bike with her but my legs would fall off LOL

47 I love you for that. 34 I love the grammar Nazis and I fail because I didn't immediately realize you intentionally misspelled letter.

At least you know why he was looking sad. It was bad. Not Ryan Seacrest bad. So feel better. :D

It's ok OP. It's an understandable accident

CallMeWindSock 24

There's no way OP could've known, but it's still sad for the boy because he must have to deal with it a lot.

Did you just turn a blind eye at first or...

Some jokes are funny, but this just isn't right..

It's not your fault you were just trying to be nice.

It's okay, you were trying to cheer him up, which was very nice of you. It's not your fault you didn't know.

Wizardo 33

I just hope you went over there apologised, explained what happened and talked to the guy then he cheers up, that's what I'm hoping happened...

I assumed he must've, because he found out the kid was blind. For all op knew, the kid could've just been a moron, or really, really bad with reactions! So, he had to have talked the kid but hopefully didn't say, "I know what will cheer you up- there's a super hot chick over there, look!"

You didn't see that one coming, did you? Neither did he.

51 - Are we naming random nouns? Or are we playing that game where somebody says a word and then you have to say the first thing that comes to mind? If so, shed.

cmb8280 24

I could never imagine being in the kids place. It's so sad to think about never being able to see the world. I hope you took the advantage OP and made a new friend out of an accident like that.

In this case, I assume the kid has some vision, since A. he wasn't wearing glasses. B. He looked when the OP said "hey" (if he were completely blind, he would have just slightly turned his head.). and C. most parent's wouldn't let a completely blind 8 year old go to the park by himself. (I am legally blind too, which is the only reason I look in to this one so deeply.)

where did it say the boys age? You'd be amazed what some parents allow, although you are likely correct he may have some vision.

Hahaha #72 that's ironic that you can look into this one