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By Anonymous - 11/04/2009 04:12 - United States

Today, I asked my girlfriend of a year and a half to give me a blow job. She replied okay and bent down and blew on my penis. Then she looked up at me and said, "Was that good?" She was serious. FML
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LOL! is she like 10 years old, and doesn't know exactly what a ******* is? but that's sort of cute how she's innocent. n____n

Mattrocker 4


Mattrocker 4
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my ex-gfl didn't know how to give me head she would lick it...for an hour till I said "ok ok that's enough!"

ahahahahahahahahahaha dude, aren't nuns, like, the BEST fwbs everrr?!?!

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344, is it that you don't know how to spell "that" and "don't" or that you're just plain retarded.

Dude, when you wrote that you knew it would get voted down. Next time, don't bother

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a ******** involves licking, sucking, and in some cases kissing on the penis, not literally 'blowing'

I'm assuming you don't know what sarcasm is ...

_apecakez 0

LOL! is she like 10 years old, and doesn't know exactly what a ******* is? but that's sort of cute how she's innocent. n____n

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66mustangrocks 4

#4 you would break up with a girl just because she's never given head before and doesn't know how to do it right? wow you're a doush

You'd replace your girlfriend simply because they don't know how to do one sexual thing? What's wrong with you

theluskateer 0

Lol, #2. I see the "1996" in your name isn't lying.

mcur 0

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all 14 year olds a retards. sorryvbut it's true :)

no, not all 14. year olds are sorry but its not true...however a lot are,dont stereotype...when you can pull a 98 in math,then come calling us retards

sammehsaurus 0

301 It's hard to call someone a retard when you leave the "y" off of "they". Nice try though:)

redsox4021 0

when I was 14 iknew I was retarded every 14 year old is, not literally just they way you think, act, and are.. 305 proved my point by saying HEY I got 98 in math. LOL obviously you don't understand it's not that your literally retarded.

how bout you spell retard right, and you might have a good argument. no, I'm lying.

#302 - ouch. thanks. I'm 14. douche. we're innocent young kids, not all of us should even be GIVING bjs...

JinxSNC 0

Not ALL 14 year olds are retarded. But some of the comments here make it seem like we are. -_-'

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JinxSNC 0

#318 Not only did you just PROVE we're retarded, we're ***** too! Thanks :)

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DassshNT 0

to 318 you have no self respect or dignity i see.

*ok *retards. I'm 14, and thanks, 300, for encouraging the stereotype.

i would have guessed you were thirty ^

corrin925 6

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#331 a lot of people take algebra in 8th grade. so don't try to act like you're hot shit. mkay?

NikkiFlysKites 8

Not all 14 year olds are as stupid as many of you think. And to defend the older generation, a lot of the things we are taught today, weren't even taught when our parents were our age. It's amusing to see the lack of respect from all age groups.

power to the 13 year olds. I plan on skipping my fourteenth year, after that interesting convo consisting words such as '****' and 'retard'.

lol give ur bf a bj at 14 isn't bad as long a ur not getting pregnant!

5 - ALL 1996 born ppl most likely already know what ******* is, just some of 96 born ppl make us seem like retards...

Well I've just got to say I'm 13 and ever since I was in grade 4 people were perverted, going out, and talking about sex. But it took until grade 6 (middle school) for people to start having sex. I'm in grade 8 born in 1998. There's been pregnancies and a girl even got expelled for giving a boy a hand job in a school assembly. And not to mention drugs, alcohol, and rave parties. And another student got expelled for eating weed pancakes in the office of all places. A lot of kids are getting schizophrenia from over-usage of drugs. I think that not all 14 year olds are retarded, but about 90% of the whole 11 - 14 age group is retarded.

Hahaha poor girl XD & what a great bf you are anouncing it to the world. LOL

So she's innocent and doesn't know what one is. Surely that's better than a girlfriend that has had an aweful lot of sex. Stop being a whiney boy and get over the fact that she doesn't know how to give you head. Jeez.

I'm sorry but I'm afraid I must beg to differ.

ouch. give her time, let her get used to it first. she can give him the purpleyhurpelys later, when she's more of a ****. or when she just urbandictionarys that bitch.

Calculate900 4

Not for me. I'd much rather have a girl that knows what she wants in bed than someone I have to teach. Makes it more fun for the both of us.

ilytyvm 25

True, but everyone has to start somewhere. The awesome thing about innocent people, is that they don't have any specific ideas about what to do yet, so you can sort of "train" them to do exactly what you like.

Cookie_kaioo 0

haha! LOOOOOOOOL! Are you serious?! Give her this book as a present! JUST IN CASE she doesn't know what HAND-job is! haha.. #5 & #8 are HILARIOUS! haha ;)