By Notthekeytosuccess - 12/04/2017 00:00

Today, I broke my key unlocking my dorm room. When I pushed the door open in frustration, the door opened with no problem. Turns out it was unlocked. FML
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You should have gotten FIFA guy to smash down your door for you.

JasonTheReal 2

that's what I always do. handshake

Seems like the exact opposite of a FML. If you're going to break a key in a lock. It being unlocked is sort of the best thing that could have happened.

Unless he has to pay a locksmith to extract the broken key / fix the lock / make a new key.

You can tell when you try to unlock it and it's unlocked? If the key isnt turning or it automatically turns the right way without resisting, why would you keep trying until you broke your key? I would stop and check the door before trying to force it.

I still don't see how people break thick metal keys. "Hulk need bathroom. HULK SMASH!"