By Sugar - 22/11/2008 11:51 - United Kingdom

Today, British Telecom disconnected my landline by mistake. Their call centre in India tried to reach me. Result, they spoke to an unknown gentleman, who told them he didn't need a phone line at my address. Reconnection in 2 business days. FML
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I'm an arsehole. Just throwing it out there.

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this is the worst FML ever. and there are like 3 comments. lol.

that's why god created a cell phone, it was good. btw how does this have so little comments?! even the newer fml have more than this!

B.T. is the incarnation of Hell on this planet!

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I bet he doesn't even know what queer is...HAHA!

The actual definition for the word queer is 1. not usual: not usual or expected 2. eccentric: eccentric or unconventional 3. suspicious: arousing suspicion 4. nauseated: slightly unwell, especially nauseated or faint It doesn't mean what you think it does.

It may be informal and slang but queer can also mean homosexual.

wow.itsjust a landline. no point to fml it. its a shitty fml anyway.. and i agree. tjis fml has very few comments. its strange to me....

prolly cause it's such a boring fml... no comment needed

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omfg to days of no sex lines seriously get a ******* life... go outside