By CoronaDating - 23/3/2020 23:10

Covid-19 vs. Sex life

Today, I've been single for a couple of months. The last time I was single, Tinder and dating apps didn't exist. After figuring out how to be successful with those and setting up several dates, I've already had 3 date cancellations for this week because of the coronavirus. It's going to be a long couple of months. FML
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By  ojoRojo  |  27

Hmmm what’s worse, getting super sick or not having sex for a while? I don’t think you deserve it, but it’s for the greater good to not be dating right now. Hope you stay healthy!

By  Sady_Ct  |  37

Do FaceTime dates... I did this with my husband while we were long distance, and it was a lot of fun!

  kateannobrien  |  19

If you knew anything about it you wouldn’t be less scared. Unless you’ve been listening to a certain potus...try asking the 200,000 dead Americans to not be afraid of it.