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  chlorinegreen  |  27

My grandma gets a phone then never uses it. Few months later she wishes she had one then it starts all over again with another phone that sits in her purse dead. I don't even think she knows the phone number.

  VeganVampyre  |  26

I got to be the one to teach my grandfather how to use the iPod touch he got for Christmas two years ago... He got the (very) basics- he can turn it on and make it play music, but that's about it. He understands in theory that you can play games on it but never figured out how to actually play a game on it, and every single time he wants to buy new songs for it he makes me come over and do it for him even though I wrote down how to do it in very simple steps. Sometimes the new technology is just too much for the older generation no matter how slowly you go :P


I guess my grandparents are fairly young (I'm 18 and they're 59 and 60). My grandpa has an iPhone that he uses to check the weather, stocks, and make calls for his business, and my grandma has a Kindle Fire that she plays games and reads on. Both of them text me as well. Whenever I read stories like this I'm always really surprised that my grandparents seem to be in the minority of older folks.

  dawnimus  |  21

59 and 60 aren't that old, my parents are around that mark and get along with tech fairly well, but my Grandad (mid 80s) is always asking for help. I think it varies, of course, but I'd say most people who lived through WW2 are likely to struggle, but people born after that grew up through the post-war home technology boom (fancy fridges, tellys, kitchen gadgets and whatnot), so can probably relate better.

  cyttex  |  13

I guess it just depends on the person both my grandpas are early seventies and both grew up on a farm while or is tech savvy the other one barely understands his flip phone

  Pleonasm  |  34

Instagramming his dentures beside his food, doing the reverse duckface, hour long vines, playing Wrinkly Bird. Maybe even a geriatric Grindr.
These are some of the things he might get up to.