By masterdisaster - / Saturday 11 April 2009 04:07 / United States
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  theset3  |  0

r u kidding me! really. afyer 911 u cant do anything. go ahead say the steriotypes but at least we dont give up in wars. btw today we just found and killed osama bin ladden!

  underaegis  |  0

I'd get life insurance if I were you

I never really understood why people would want money if they died when your dead nothing matters, unless your a damn creationist

By  Mattyknows  |  0

Am I the only person who read this and thought:

"Ha, OP's gonna die." ?

Good luck OP.

Also; I agree with #1. That's a fairly cool statement actually. Mind if I use that?

I reckon it's a FML cause you were just being social/friendly. Unlucky on who you chose to be social towards though ^_^

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