By Robin - 12/03/2012 11:57 - Russia

Today, my university fridge is so small that the cucumber I bought doesn’t fit either lengthwise or widthwise. FML
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Shay_Shay97 23

And I thought mine was bad. Yikes. So sorry OP, just wait until winter. Maybe then you can use the snow as a fridge.


Shay_Shay97 23

And I thought mine was bad. Yikes. So sorry OP, just wait until winter. Maybe then you can use the snow as a fridge.

So sorry? Over a small fridge? You'd think this is a cheating FML from that reaction. :P

zeffra13 31

Not being able to keep food is rather worse than being cheated on. OP might not be part of the campus meal plan (they can be pretty expensive) & shouldn't eat only shelf-safe food all year. I've no idea why anyone would even produce a fridge so small it can't fit the width of a cucumber.

I was about to write some snarky comment along the lines of, "if money is so tight, she really shouldn't be spending it on oblong chunks of water and cellulose." But I did a quick search, and cucumbers are, like, miracle food. Dick-shaped miracle food.

zeffra13 31

Even if it was just cellulose & water, that's at least filling & not unhealthy like most shelf-safe food. Also, money doesn't have to be tight to not want to spend it on a campus meal plan. For example, the meal plan for my campus was about $8 per swipe to enter the dining commons. It was buffet style, so you couldn't take leftovers out aka I could only eat campus food while inside the dining commons. If all I wanted was a snack, I would still have to spend an $8 swipe for something that costs $1. Even without snacks, 3 meals is $24/day vs about $5/day when I make my own food. So excuse people for not wanting to waste money.

try fitting it diagonally. Otherwise, just use the cucumbers to throw a cucumber themed party.

"Did you see Robin last night?" "When she was trying to shove that cucumber in the toaster? Yeah, I've been meaning to ask why she stores all her food in there."

well, seeing as how u purchased an XXL cucumber... u probably weren't going to need to refrigerate it that long anyway ;)

Something I learned in my freshman year of university (we had 4 communal fridges for over 200 people and that was it): during cold months, you can use your window as a refrigerator as long as it doesn't get direct sun. Open the window a little bit, put the food on the windowsill, and close the curtains behind it as tightly as you can. It makes a little cold pocket. I wouldn't recommend it for things like milk or raw meat, but it works for vegetables, pasta, stuff like that.

You can either store it diagonally or just cut it in half. Good luck!

You must have a really tight box not to be able to fit that cucumber. Icebox, that is.

I keep telling you girls to go with average-sized cucumbers. Sure the giant cucumbers are fun to look at, but they are not practical. Average-sized cucumbers are just as good in tossed salads or eaten raw. You should give average-sized cucumbers a chance.

I don't disagree, but the average ones don't last as long! I spend all this time searching, and comparing, and making sure it's just right only to get about two salads out of it. I need a higher ROI.

A good gardener can grow an average-sized cucumber to full size faster and easier than a giant cucumber. You probably need to up your horticultural game?

Goblin182 26

WOW #20, you really just did not get #10's post.

Oh, I think she got it pretty well, hence, my detailed rebuttal.

mine's pretty bad too. got a drawer for a freezer lol