Milking it

By mperrotta913 - 21/05/2010 15:46 - United States

Today, my girlfriend was giving me a hand job, which was great, until she started saying, "Milk the penis… Miiiiilk the penis…" FML
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r u serious? that's Hella funny! u should b happy u have a sense of humor girl :)


lmao she thought she was on a farm :D

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I wouldn't care what she was saying as long as she was doing a GOODJOB

at least she didn't say " small utters"

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29= win. stop complaining bro, at least she's giving you a handjob. I've enough trouble getting one from my wife

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so what's the problem, op?

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haha well I guess if it works

Today I was giving my husband a hj and I got so bored I starting singing. FML OP ur just a tard. ur wife gives ya a handjob. as far as I'm concerned she could whistle Dixie! next time sing along and do the coux de gras ok the high note. lol

Wow whiner much OP? Get over it, at least you're getting some!

dats sooo funi.....but hws this an fml op ur getin what u wnted!

OP is a bitch, my woman can recite te works of William Shakespeare as long as she does it.

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did she milk you onto her udders? you could make some nice dick cheese outta it, me thinks.

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sex farm animal... spinal tap ftw

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No thanks on dick cheese, #74. But you're right; this ain't no FML. OP is an ingrate. Be glad a woman deemed your penis worthy of touching. :D

dude you need a sense of humor. she = awesome girlfriend you = douchbag

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she is hilarious, get a sence of humor op!

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Lmao she was just joking around Geez

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seriously what's the problem with that!? you better talk back be like "that's right get all the milk out"

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Wtff does OP and YDI meann??

original poster and you deserve it

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Guys complaining when they ARE getting some what's next???

muu, if I was getting one from you, you could sing hymns or psalms and I wouldn't complain or post an fml.

let's look at the choices. get a handjob from ur gf with a bit of mooing or get no handjob and **** by yourself with peace and quiet. I personally wud pick door #1

I'm sure i've seen more than one fml where roverboy is harassing muuuchuuu.

it makes me laugh cuz u got a handjob and some people put u deserved it

and how did this get posted no one should have said yes to this post

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/me wants a handjob, milk the penis is hot!

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at least she didn't make fun of it's size or made you cum really fast

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lol she was in the zone...just go with it...because if you don't another guy will

everytime 64 comments, I feel like punching babies...

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lmfao. thats hilarious...!! and stop complaining :p

tell her to drink the milk that your penis produces. problem solved. she stops talking and you get a BJ.

Hey broski, ya gotta big dick. You should use it.

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jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaja lol

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hahahaha this made my day. you have have mooed or something.

...I could find out what 154's problem is, if you'd only give me one chance. #135,137 if muu were mine, I could harrass you.

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83 is right. I love it when you can make jokes and have fun while getting it on. She was obviously joking, op.

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i'd rather that then a girl with ductape give me one

80- it seems that in your DP you have a banana in your pocket ^^

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handjobs suck, I can do it better myself. should have just asked for a bj. at least then if she tried talking u couldn't understand it anyway

haha wow, thats great. I dont think i would ever use those choice of words if i was the girl but whatever works for herr! and ^^^ how do hj suck!?

#80 you look like you have a boner in that pic

you shoudl of said "its not going to work! there seems to be a blockage, your going to have to suck it out."

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I hate FMLs with people complaining about their partner joking during sex. At least you guys are getting some. Lighten up. Me and my boyfriend say and do weird shit like this during sex all the time. It makes it more fun. You're going to be the guy the girl dumps because the sex is so routine and boring.

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personally sounding like a five year old while doing that type of stuff would just creep me out.. so I say fyl cuz not a turn on at all

ur girl got mental problems is just bad at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time

lol miiiiiiiillk it. she must have been a redneck! maaaake a sandwich maaaaake a sandwich

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milk that goood!! lmao that made me laugh out louddd

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oh wow your really cute..!

not possilbe, first off, not enough milk, next, no lactic acid lol

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Idc what anyone says... that is hot.

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IMO the problem iiiis... That she has no mental problems, but that it was told to make it hotter... I'ld love that.

Not meant to be a turn on. Meant to have fun.

r u serious? that's Hella funny! u should b happy u have a sense of humor girl :)

Exactly, give her a bit of credit for doing the right thing!

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be proud that she deems it large enough to be compared to an udder :)

why is this an FML? you were getting a hand job and your girlfriend is funny as hell and your complaining?

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rosaonthis what are you doing!?

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rosaonthis what are you doing!?

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does it matter what she's doing?? she has sexy legs

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